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What are all the evolution methods?

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I know a few of the evolution methods, but I'd like to know all of them.

I know:
Trade with item
Friendship Day/Night

I started losing track of all the various evolution methods after Gen 2 lol.

Certain Pokemon can only be obtained by breeding. I know that some require incenses from Gen 3 onwards, but I don't know which incense is required for the specific Pokemon, nor do I know where to get the incenses to begin with.

While collecting Pokemon for my Pokedex in X/Y, which I mentioned I was going to do in another thread, I'm obviously going to struggle a little bit if I don't know how to evolve some of them.

Just how many evolution methods are there nowadays?

Captain Jigglypuff:
Evolve when Beauty Stat is maxed out in certain games
Evolve in certain location
Evolve with a Party condition
Evolve with a certain Pokemon in Party
Hold 3DS upside down at a certain level
Evolve after teaching a specific move
Evolve in weather conditionLevel up holding item during specific time of day
Evolve at certain level during day/night
Have at least two hearts in Poke Amie/ Refresh

Tyrogue's evolution confuses me a bit.

I can never seem to get a Wurmple to evolve into a Silcoon, I always get Cascoon. Is there anything I can do to influence the evolution?

Turning the 3DS upside down for Inkay>Malamar is certainly a perculiar one! Just when do I need to turn it upside down exactly?

The Hooded Trainer:
Wurmples evolution is based on its personality value, which cant be influenced or seen, so basically its totally random. But theyre common and they evolve at level 7, so its not like itll be hard to get the one you want. Just catch a bunch of wurmples in oras, keep on strong pokemon on your team, turn the exp share on and battle anything mid to late game. Theyll all evolve at once and youll get a silcoon in no time. Or alternatively you could just catch silcoon itself in the wild.

Not sure if you'd count Nincada--> Shedinja but evolve by level up with a spare slot in your party (and a poke ball in some games)


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