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What would other player characters' teams be like?


In G/S/C, HG/SS, B2/W2, and Sun and Moon, the player character Red appears as his team is similar amongst those games. It consists of Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Snorlax, and Lapras (Espeon in Gen II).

In that case, what would other playable characters from previous games' teams consist of? The best one I could think of was one for Gold/Ethan.

Tyhplosion (could be any starter, really, but Ethan is portrayed with Cyndaquil the most)

Togetic/Togekiss (in-game gift Pokemon given as an egg; depends on if whether it's the Gen II or Gen IV version we're talking about)

Sudowoodo (Like Snorlax in the Gen I games and their remakes as well as X/Y, Sudowoodo blocks your path in G/S/C.)

Hitmontop (another gift Pokemon, once again given to the player as an egg. It makes sense for the Tyrogue to have evolved into Hitmontop, as it was introduced in Gen II.)

Politoed (Completes the Grass/Fire/Water triangle with Typhlosion and Sunflora. Politoed is one of Gold's Pokemon in the manga.)

Sunflora (Completes the Grass/Fire/Water triangle with Typhlosion and Politoed. Sunflora is one of Gold's Pokemon in the manga.)

What do you think of this team, and what teams can you think of for characters from the other games, like Brendan/May, Dawn/Lucas and so on?

my idea for Brendan's team

Swampert-The starter that Brendan is depicted to have the most

Mightyena-Given to him as a Poochyena by his father in the manga

Delcatty-same as Mightyena

Wynut-given as an egg in Lavaridge town

Beldem-Gift from Steven after entering the hall of fame in R/S/E

Milotic-one of the rarest pokemon in gen 3 and,let's face it,main characters always get pokemon like that

And my idea for May's team

Blaziken -the starter May is depicted with most often

Keckleon-the pokemon that blocks your way in R/S/E

Castform-Gift Pokemon from the weather institute for defeating team Aqua/Magma

Tropius-gift from her father in the manga

Aggron-one of her first pokemon in the manga,caught as an Aron

Wailord-a Pokemon she used in both the games and the manga

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