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Would this be considered illegal in terms of site rules?


I would like to share a Windows XP virtual machine, which is perfectly legal, according to virtual machine websites.

The virtual machine will contain software that I downloaded from torrent sites, which I know wouldn't be legal.

But, like I said, sharing the virtual machine itself isn't illegal, just the software I installed on it. I consider that to be a bit of a loophole!

Would I be allowed to share it?

I'm pretty sure it's legal to create a virtual machine with Windows XP on it (assuming you have appropriate other Windows licenses), but not to distribute it.

Even if it's legal (or you'd use another free operating system), you are still distributing other illegal software or other products if you do this. The distribution method - torrents, zip files or inside a Windows installation - doesn't change yet, you're still sharing what you are not allowed to share.

It's probably worth emphasizing this isn't site policy - this is the law that you should follow.

I'll just keep the virtual machine to myself then.

I could maybe make a new thread at some point, taking everyone else's requests and sharing them instead.

What I mean by "requests" is that I can make music, complete with vocals and everything!
I'd like to do that for others.


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