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Help me with my Psychic-type mutts, please

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Yeah, I thought the same after posting about Strong Jaw, it's a bit of a stretch as the dog doesn't look particularly snappy, but definitely add those moves!!.

I had meant Moonblast but that's because I thought it was a TM but apparently not haha, so yeah Dazzling Gleam I guess. Surf my idea was that most dogs can swim, and stuff like Stoutland knows surf, although idk if that was more as HMs needed wider distribution. Energy Ball sounds sensible!!

Ah I forgot Power Whip was a thing that's definitely be a good choice, Aqua Tail seems good too.

Honestly it's very difficult to flavour a psychic type bullet seed as physical, I could see it as a psyshock clone, but inverse seems hard to do? Something like attacking with psychic imbued claws that wound the soul rather than the flesh I guess? Not sure how you for that in a like 50ish character description tho haha.


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