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The name master:
Maybe there was a male in there too! It just died before the egg hatched!

That might also explain the egg moving and making noise inside....

Captain Jigglypuff:
Dolphin, Sphinx (preferably the Egyptian version), peacock/peafowl, sea snake, sea sponge, lichen, and crane are strangely absent in terms of Pokémon. Especially the crane which is even stranger considering the bird is an important symbol in Japan and is featured in all sorts of form all over the country. Fearow isn't a crane and neither is Zapdos. They may have crane like features but Zapdos is based on a thunderbird and Fearow is clearly a stork which is evident from its Dex entries mention it flying great distances with ease which is somethings cranes do not do. Cranes fly but they stay within the area of where they have nested and do not migrate.

The name master:
An eeveelution for every type they've missed!


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