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Hybrid's Sprite Edits and Recolors


Basically any sprite edits or recolors I do will go here for our viewing pleasure and critique. names of the sprite will be put with base Pokemon first, then secondary Pokemon/what was edited second.

Disclaimer: All sprites have all been found on the sprite resource on this site.

Glaceon-Absol recolor

Skitty-Shaymin recolor

Quilava-Frosslass recolor (I'm sorry if I spelt those wrong.)

Dragonite-Goodra Recolor (Requested by: The name master)

The name master:
Do you take requests?

Uh oh! Quick! Think of something to ask for!

Nice sprites! I've done some recolours!

I take request for recolors, as long as you don't mind them being displayed on this thread.

Don't worry I always stumble over what to do/ask for.

Thank you very much ^.^

The name master:
How about a Dragonite with Goodra's colours?

Sure no problem! I'll message you when it's done.


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