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What did you get for Christmas?

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I'm curious to see what everyone has got! Cause I'm an adult now my haul ain't half as big as it was when I was but a wee tyke, but I got everything I asked for which is sick!

I got a new 2DS XL (the Pokéball one!) with Ultra Sun, which I asked for. Some gaming headphones for my PC because my last ones conked it, and I'd also asked for them! I also got Krispy Kreme lip gloss, a Pokémon shirt, Harry Potter plush dressing gown, squishy Mario red mushroom, a silver bangle and a "Happiness is finding free wifi" thing to hang on my wall.

sans the skeleton:
So far I've gotten two - a powerplay and an R4 -which I'm not going to go into detail about since support/detail about these items arent allowed on the forums.

I have more presents, but im waiting for my sister and her fiance to come over so we can open our presents as a family.

Kerou 犠牲:
Merry Christmas everyone =]

Apart from money I got two pairs of socks, this really nice beard shampoo and oil set, a “you are a hipster” book or something, a pair of Game of Thrones glasses and a selection box which we always get #tradition

Much more than I was expecting to get. Went to town on Christmas dinnner too which was great.

I did pretty well. I got a switch with mario odyssey, some CD's, bloodborne and skyrim for the ps4, FE warriors and ultra sun, a winnie the poh and american mccree funko pops, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and a few other assorted things.

not chloe:
Got a subscription to Lonely Planet magazine as I’m very keen on going into travel writing, consuming a lot of that kinda media will be super good for me.
Also got some new PJs and socks, a couple of books.

My brother brought home some gifts from Mexico and mine was a Sergio Perez F1 t-shirt that is gonna make amazing gym/lounge/sleepwear. He also got me a little Day if the Dead paperweight which is super cute.

But most important I got to see my family who I really missed this term at uni ☺️


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