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Good nicknames for pokemon?


so lately, ive been replaying a LOT of pokemon games (HG, Emerald, Colosseum, Platinum, and Mystery Dungeon to an extent) so ive been running really low on cool/funny/whatever nicknames for my mons, so im askin yall for any rad nicknames you guys might have, and also as just a general nickname sharing place for anyone in need of some for their mons.

some nicknames i have in mind:
Mudkip: Axol (because the animal its based off of is an Axolotl)
Any pokemon that can fly: Ace (it sounds cool, AND its the name of a bird from Animal Crossing)
Most fighting types: Tyson (This one should be pretty obvious xD)
Zigzagoon: Nook (I really like Animal Crossing xD)

well, those're some of mine to start things off, i hope everyone shares the best names they can think of! :D


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