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The name master:
Discord (on this site) asked me what my username was (I'm already signed up for Discord) now it's asking me for email and password (at this point, I realized I should've clicked I already have an account) now I'm stuck because my email is already taken and I can't sign in with my old one, because there's no sign in button, just accept invite, which logs me in with the unclaimed profile. D:<

Wanderer Jiyuren:
This discussion seems to describe similar problems to what you have.
Apparently the user was able to utilize the 'forgotten password' function and fixed their issue through that.

Additionally, see if you can't access the account from another device (even if that's a dinosaur computer at your local library)

Screenshots(watch that personal info though!) would be helpful to understand your situation more fully.

The name master:
Solved it!


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