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Are you dressing up for halloween?


I know Halloween isn't for a couple of months yet, but are you going to get dressed up for it?

I've been looking at various websites and have lots of ideas for different outfits.

This website sells wigs
This website sells outfits
This website sells props
Morphsuits can be a good addition for costumes
So can superhero capes and masks
These masks look really good too

I'm sure you'll find something really creative with these websites.

The name master:
I have a belt a red shirt in my room, so Gaston! XD

I'm thinking about dressing up as something like this.


The picture was too big!



A faceless zombie bride of Frankenstein!

Edit: Better yet. How about this for a face?

No, but my college is hosting a harry potter themed dinner halloween night and you are to wear clothing based around your house. I have to get my mom to send my Pulisic jersey from home because i'm a hufflepuff.


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