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My inability to do maths properly is preventing me from getting Porygon!


Despite being 33 years old, I'm really crap at maths!

According to this Wikia article, it is possible to effectively get infinite nuggets.

One nugget, when sold, gives the player 5000 Pokecoins.

10000 Pokecoins gives you 500 Game Corner coins.

Porygon costs 6500 Game Corner coins in Leaf Green.

How many nuggets is that?

To prevent this thread from ending up being nothing more than an answer to a maths question (lol), is Porygon any good for storyline progression or is it merely a Pokedex filler?

I want to complete my Pokedex in all the games by obtaining all the Pokemon in the region they were first made available. I know that Porygon is far easier to get in Dream Radar, but Dream Radar isn't Kanto!

I know this forum is long dead, but I still look in every now and then for nostalgia.

You need 26 Nuggets. Porygon really isn't a standout, but it should do ok with the right moveset.

Good luck.


If I have to lose against the nugget bridge trainer that many times, I'll have no cash left to buy Pokeballs and potions for the rest of the game!

I could just spend the cash I get earlier on to buy Pokeballs and focus on catching everything I can early on.

I'll definitely have a good team put together by the time I can get Porygon.

That might be the better plan. You'll only need 130,000 for the coins anyway - by late game that's pocket change.


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