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Non-Political Corona/Covid-19 Thread


Nanananana bat flu...or so we are led to believe. So the Covid-19 (AKA The Corona Virus) has arrived, hand sanitiser is flying off the shelves, people are panic buying, schools are closing, events are being cancelled (E3!!), some people are wearing masks and everyone is being told how to wash their hands.

How is it affecting you? Are you worried for your health or staying safe and cozy indoors until this all blows over? Where I live is apparently the 'Corona capital' (or was for a while) as we had the first few cases as well as some 'super spreader' so I probably should be more concerned but it's hard to care too much. I figure I'll either get infected or I won't, thankfully I think my work would be pretty lenient about it and I've got plenty of games to play and things to do if I have to isolate.

People are idiots, the panic buying is completely unnecessary and harms access to goods which would otherwise be plentiful.

We're fortunate that younger people generally don't get severe disease. Hopefully with appropriate measures and social distancing spread can be managed.

Captain Jigglypuff:
Luxury brand companies such as Christian Dior are now planning on making and selling hand sanitizer. So now you can spend $60 per ounce for a bottle the size of what you could literally get at Walmart for $2. If I’m going to be spending a lot of money on such a thing that bottle had better be made from diamonds, have a 24K gold label and cap, and function as an iPhone!

As a New Yorker who is considered an essential worker, things are pretty bad. Tons of hate crimes against Asian Americans here, a lot of people getting laid off and can't get unemployment because everything is crashing due of high demand. Can't find the hot items (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, gloves, face masks, thermometers, clorox/lysol wipes, disinfectant spray) anywhere and grocery store lines are ridiculously long.

Someone I know has gotten the virus but has mostly recovered afaik. My co-worker's aunt just died of the virus, a friend of mine has a relative who died as well. As of the time when this post was written there have been 2,373 deaths in my state with 92,381 confirmed cases. Over 50k deaths and over 1 millions cases globally.

Very high number of people here wearing masks, I'd say about half.= of people have masks on. Really different world compared to the what it was just a month ago.

 Things aren't too bad up here but we're all going to be uncertain for some time. I'm unable to  work at the moment but my mental health has flourished and I'm able to spend time with my family again.

 My local area seems pretty good? We're all just staying indoors unless it's for essentials. Hopefully things stay like this.

 I've been keeping myself busy. Mostly painting but I'm getting back into gaming. I'm just trying to stay hopeful and that's all I can do.

 Hopefully everyone here will be okay.


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