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Your favourite Pikachu Short?

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Articuno Seagull:
Alright guys which was your fav of the PIkachu shorts? I really loved Pikachu's Hide and Seek, it was fun, interesting and the music was awesome! I found Pikachu's Vacation quite good too, but the others were a little boring.

Christmas Lyoko Code:
none they all suck bad as well!

Angelic Lapras King:
How about a Poll and maybe I ll make this a Sticky since its simlar to the Fav Pokemon Movies topic? ;)

My fav is the 6th one (The one that came with Jirachi Wish Maker) since it was funny and very good. Oh, and a Boss Fantasy too! ^^

Articuno Seagull:
I must admit, I have only seen up to number 4 unfortunatly. Anyway poll is up!

Angelic Lapras King:
And sticky it shall become. ;)


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