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Yo people,

Similar to the content requests posted elsewhere, PKMN.NET also occasionally needs or wants some art to use on the site. This is the topic we'll use when we need something, but can't make it ourselves (which is Very Often in my case).

Some of these may be repeats from elsewhere. Shows you how organized we are. Leave a note here if you are working on something, so you don't do duplicate work, but don't claim anything unless you're actually working on it. While these don't have to be done in a few days, these things can't wait forever either and so if someone else can get something good done far faster than you, we obviously prefer that.

Here is a list, in random order:

1. Card images. See the seperate link for this.

2. A 'Major News' image. This has to be 120x140 pixels, with the text 'Major News' on it. Neutral, possibly light grey background, but that depends on what works. Should work with most builds.

3. Various section banners. These are described in this Mantis issue.

4. Several small symbols for a number of features, for use in future navigation. See this issue. Colour-wise, these should also be fairly build-neutral - black and white is not necessary, but light greys and pastel colours may work better than bright, wild colours.

5. Several images for new 'sidebars'. Can't show it yet, but I can give fairly specific limits. They need to be 250 pixels wide. Height is not set, but 400 pixels is about right. Most of it should be a fairly neutral background, that stays readable. The text colour can be changed if necessary, if it works better with a dark background. What I'd like to see in this area, if possible, is also a subtle watermark that is related to the information. This area will be covered with readable text, keep that in mind.
The bottom 30 pixels, height-wise, should be different. This is the 'header' bit, and should have the relevant text for the sidebar, as well as some decoration. No other text will appear in this area, so more variety is possible here.
To take Platinum as an example, it would be nice to have a light grey background, with a Giratina watermark. The bottom can be a dark grey, with a white 'Platinum only' text and, say, a Giratina image.
Please also let me know what colour is used for the main background - I need to use that elsewhere. Look at the Dex information to see the semi-official colours we use for some of the games.
A list of currently considered sidebars are:
* Platinum only
* Crystal only
* Emerald only
* FireRed/LeafGreen only
* Yellow only
* Japanese only
* Non-Japanese only (This needs a better text)
* Glossary
* Explanation (Sort of a generic bar - might be able to go without a bottom bar)

6. A small icon or similar that can represent searching further. I'm thinking a magnifying glass or similar, but this can, of course, be themed. It is intended to open a popup link to show a page where you can select one or more members.

7. A small 20x20 image with a question mark or cross to be used when certain images aren't found. Might have to be the small icon they use for non-existing 'glitch' Pokemon in the games, if that is not a golden Bulbasaur anymore. But anything cooler would be welcome as well.

8. A small image representing 'Edit'. For some reason we don't have this yet. Perhaps, as part of the same set, a similar 'Delete' and 'Add' icon. 20x20 again might be right.

Post images here, for collections leave a message here to send them.

sans the skeleton:
edit: i cant draw lol

As said in the initial post, the card images are described in a seperate sticky topic.

Trainer Dave:
Hmm... I could give some of it a shot.
I did start getting a few interface icon drafts together... But I lost them. Might have been deleted in a fit of rage, I dunno...

...although my main reason for posting is: Would you like the same person to do everything from certain issues? I'd assume you'd like stuff like the sidebar links done in a similar way...

...I might draft something. Heh.

While I prefer them to be consistent, yes, I understand that this won't always possible, either because it's too much work, or because I'll add the feature in a few months. I would certainly like realted images to share a similar style.


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