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Lyrics in italics are sung by backing singers, while the rest is sung by Meowth.

Here's your ticket, hit the floor and kick it!
No sense stayin' in your chair, no!
Music, pump it, now to join this junction!
Slidin' and glidin' through the air!

Now's the time for shakin', for turnin' 'round and wakin',
The sleepyhead that's in your bed, the fun is for the takin'!
Forget about the snoozers 'cause snoozin's for the losers
Since everything is lookin' up then let's party down!
Every single Pokemon that knows what is goin' on
Is there to sing and shake that thing until the break of day, hey!
Check out the way my friends are spinning
It keeps us all a-grinning and giddy in a Pokemonic way.

Here's your ticket, hit the floor and kick it!
No sense sittin' this one out, yo!
Don't be tardy join the Poke-party!
Time for the Poke-party dance!
Here's your chance now, on the floor and dance now!
Don't be a Poke-party pooper!
Take it, shake it, promise you won't break it!
Time for the Poke-party dance!

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