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Issue 43

in pokemon ruby can u cheat in the casino by pressing the batman symbol on ur sp over and over again?
From slushie
Sentret never heard of that...
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald !!! Isn't that kewl???

How do chanseys survive if there are only females?
From Anonymous
Sentret thinks it's like how you always get females from breeding thingies something?

dear sentret, when can i start trading pokemon from fire red to leaf green because when i first got to viridian it said that "the wireless pokemon club was undergoing adjustments" or so... and my friend is going to trade me some cool pokemon to start the game with
From Malvinas Argentinas
Sentret's heard that like you need to deliver some parcels and do some chores first and then just wait...
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at FireRed & LeafGreen !!! Isn't that kewl???

Sentret? has nintendo/game freak ever used a fans pokemon sprite/idea before?
From tomkang
Sentret doesn't know. Sentret can't read minds. Sentret doesn't think so...

How do you catch a charizard without poke assist in pokemon ranger?
From xxxmudkip007xxx
Sentret thinks you might just like have to be a bit careful with things and be slower but Sentret is not sure because Sentret tries to be careful...
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y can u only submit 3 nicknames at a time? >:(
From garra is awsome
Sentret thinks the poor poor name raters would only get overworked otherwise because of all the names :(:(:(

Can some pokemon really devolve? Like Exeggcutor and Slowbro?
From ComicMaker
Sentret thinks it really just mostly depends on how what you ask no?

Heyy Sentret!! I wanted to know if you could answer this question! How much bood bould a Bidoof bite if a Bidoof bould bite bood?
From Hex_Maniac_and_PROUD

hello, can i ask if there are any legendary cards in the tcg game in gamboy that has been released, like legandary zapdos or anything?
From sigh vergout
Sentret doesn't think he ever seen one of those really...
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I have a mew at level 100. It Likes me all. But it still doesn't listen to me. Why?
From eevee20
Sentret doesn't like you much either. Sentret thinks you need lots more badges first!!!!11

Dear sentret,Do you really have to beat the elite 4 on daimond and pearl to get the national dex?
From Shiny Qwilfish of Doom 3
Sentret thinks you like need to like get close anyways for it? Sentret thinks that you should prove that you are STORNG!!!
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Diamond, Pearl and Platinum !!! Isn't that kewl???