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Magikarp's Splash
In this game, its all about timing. You have to get Magikarp to jump up and hit a "counter". The person with the highest counter at the end of the time wins. The trick is to hit "A" at the split second the 'karp hits the ground again- this maximizes your score. I think this game is pretty well balanced and fun, especially in multiplayer.

Clefairy Says
This game is like that Game & Watch flag game. For those of you not old enough to remember (me included!), you have to copy the instructions of the teacher Clefairy by using the D-pad, and if you get them wrong, capital punishment comes into force. You get hit with a large hammer! When your HP bar runs out from all the physical endurance you've failed to do, you lose. The last player to be in wins. This has to be one of the most annoying games I've played as the D-Pad doesn't seem very responsive. You press "up" and it reckons you pressed "right". Very strange. I think the C buttons would be much more suited. 

Run, Rattata, Run
Rattata's running on a treadmill! This game has four of these running contraptions with Rattata's on. Its your job to hit the "A" button in the style of a pneumatic drill, while jumping over the fences using the "up" on the D-pad. Its not really a game to play over and over, as it could get a bit tiresome, and give you repetitive strain dis-order.

Snore War
The title accurately describes your state during this game. Ish. Everyone hates it because they don't understand it. I always win. You have to make your Drowzee use hypnosis at the exact moment the pendulum is in the middle of the "thing". It gradually speeds up until its a less frantic Thundering Dynamo.

Thundering Dynamo
One of my favorite games because if a countries officials were decided by a tournament of this game, I would be Prime Minister, King, and transport secretary. There are four Pokémon hooked up to a generator, and you control one of them. You have to either repetedly tap "A" or "B" depending on the machines preference to charge it up. The first Pokémon to charge it all not only wins on behalf of their player, but the machine shocks the other players! This game is great. Really great.

In this game you control a Likitung who has to do what they do best. Eat. There is a revolving Sushi thing, of which you have to use your tongue of Xbox proportions to lick up the food- but watch out for the poisonous stuff. Enjoyable game y'know. Each food has different points value, and the person with the most points at the end wins.

Ekans' Hoop Hurl
Who doesn't enjoy that fun fair game with the hoops which I'm resisting calling "hoopla". You know; the one where the stall holder makes the hoops so small that they don't fit that box of smarties at the back which you hit every time. Anyway, you use coiled up Ekans to shoot at Diglett's that pop up (whack a mole?). The person with the most points at the end of the time wins. Its a good game, but the analogue stick is very very sensitive. If you nudge it you'll get an Ekans off the back of the screen.

Rock Harden
Nice concept. You play as either a Metapod or a Kakuna. You have to use "harden" to avoid getting crushed by some rocks that are mysteriously being shot from holes behind you. The tricky thing is though, is that when you use harden, your HP goes slowly down, and when you get hit, a whole massive chunk of HP goes. This means that you cannot just hold down "A" constantly, nor can you not. The player who is left at the end wins. (Players are knocked out when the HP is 0).

Dig! Dig! Dig!
In this game, Sandshrew's have to dig a hole, and the first to water wins. You just have to batter the left and right shoulder buttons alternatively to dig. A short blast of fun.

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