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New Pokémon Dub names! :: Nieuws
Gemeld door Ledyba op do 14 feb 2013 22:39:20 UTC
Laatst bijgewerkt op do 14 feb 2013 22:50:28 UTC door Ledyba
Sectie: Main Games

For English, French and German. Plus more X/Y Footage.

Dit nieuwsbericht is meer dan 45 dagen oud. Het zal waarschijnlijk niet meer bijgewerkt worden en nieuwe informatie is mogelijk al beschikbaar

Following the reveal of Nifia it's English, French and German names have been shown whilst it's type is still a secret.

English - Sylveon
French - Nymphali
German - Feelinara

There's also some new in-game footage showing slightly more of the battle system, there's no music however. Either because GameFreak are going bold new directions on what expected from a video game music these days by not adding any music at all.. or they're still working on it.

More as we have it.

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Zoroarkmaster op vr 15 feb 2013 18:11:08 UTC.
sylveon looks pretty cool but i will probably just use its Japanese name ninfa or something.
THE ARBITER op vr 15 feb 2013 19:58:59 UTC.
I am guessing it is a flying type due to colorization and the way the ribbons flow
xWERWOLFDEATHBLADEx op wo 27 feb 2013 07:21:58 UTC.
I'm betting with a friend that it is not gonna be ghost. She thought ghost. I swear it CAN'T be ghost. So we made a deal... A shiny Pokemon.
xWERWOLFDEATHBLADEx op wo 27 feb 2013 07:22:28 UTC.
How could that sylveon... IT CAN'T BE GHOST
KattAttack op do 28 feb 2013 21:41:54 UTC.
Did you see the cards? Must be a new move...
Radioactive Rainbow op vr 01 mrt 2013 22:38:26 UTC.
Uh, are we forgetting Trump Card?
freddyeddy op za 02 mrt 2013 21:55:25 UTC.
Normal type evolution?
op do 21 mrt 2013 05:36:46 UTC.
Blast_Toys op za 20 apr 2013 23:02:24 UTC.
If it were normal, then it should look more like Eevee. Possibly a new type? They haven't added any types since Gen2.
EpicNinetales op vr 26 apr 2013 00:57:52 UTC.
It might be flying, because its name has Sylph in it. Sylphs are air elements.