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Suicune is evolving!

Submitted by Furret_Fan

  2. What? Suicune is evolving! Congratulations! Your Suicune evolved into... a cloud of fairy dust? You pressed the B-button, didn't you? Of course you did... by E.K.A.N.S.
  3. Error 404: Suicune.jpg not found. by JINZO number 8
  4. I knew I shouldn't have eaten those mushrooms... by JINZO number 8
  5. Eusine: I have found you...SUICUNE!!! *Eusine tackles Suicune* Morty: *sigh* I dress up as a Suicune for Halloween and THIS is what I have to endure. by E.K.A.N.S.
  6. Ever wondered why the game won't let you use stones on random Pokemon? Well... by Kid1cat
  7. Suicune used Camouflage. It failed. by E.K.A.N.S.
  8. Ash: We've got to catch it before it starts farting rainbows. by E.K.A.N.S.
  9. That Suicune is a bloody spy! by JINZO number 8
  10. If you look very closely, you will see he only has 3 legs. by JINZO number 8
  11. Eusine: If we dress you up as an attractive female Suicune in a sexy glitter jumpsuit, we can lure the real Suicune out. Morty: *sigh* There's no such thing as a female Suicune, Eusine. Eusine: Silence! by E.K.A.N.S.
  12. It evolved into..... Entei?! by SirBlaziken
  13. The Mega Evolutions keep getting less and less creative. by E.K.A.N.S.
  14. Suicune: I AM MUFASA! by E.K.A.N.S.
  16. Oktoberfest! by JINZO number 8
  17. Suicune: I have coated myself in blue fire so that the next time the idiot Ash tries to ride me, he will be burned alive. by E.K.A.N.S.
  18. Ash: We've got to catch it before it starts farting out rainbows. by E.K.A.N.S.
  19. Eusine: You see! Proof that Suicune DOES exist. Morty: Yeah right, that picture is airbrushed. by E.K.A.N.S.
  20. Who disturbs my slumber? by JINZO number 8