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Misty is, like Brock, a gym leader. But only in the game is she classified as one. In the TV show she is only a gym leader when she battles Ash. This was how Ash won his Cascade Badge.

Misty met Ash when he was running from a group of {pkmn|pokemon|21}. Ash 'borrowed' Misty's bike. But Ash never actually returned Misty's bike.

She was soon after her first appearance seen to be afraid of bugs.

Her specialized talent is in the field of water Pokémon. She fishes when she gets the chance. Her most used Pokémon was {pkmn|pokemon|121}. But when she let that Pokémon free, she started to use {pkmn|pokemon|120} a lot more. Her most useless Pokémon is {pkmn|pokemon|54}. Though Psyduck does actually have an advantage sometimes. Psyduck can actually use psychic attacks. You rarely see {pkmn|pokemon|118} now.

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