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Lt. Surge

Lt. Surge is the Gym Leader of Vermillion city and has a bit of an attitude, he calls people names and insults their pokemon, he is sort of a leader of a little "gang" or underlings of his gym. He appeared once in the pokemon tv shows, on the episode: {pkmn|episode|14}. He won Ash once but lost the second time as Brock found out a way to beat Surge.

He was glad to fight Ash and insulted him and Pikachu for example: "Baby wants to battle with a baby Pokémon!" The Pokemon being {pkmn|pokemon|25} as he's got an evolved version, {pkmn|pokemon|26}. The baby is Ash, not that he is a baby. He accepted his defeat after Ash beat him using Pikachu's agility as his Raichu was evolved quickly before learning agility attacks, power isn't everything, strategy counts.

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