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Ash Ketchum is a boy who once left home to become a Pokémon trainer. The Pokémon he starts off with is {pkmn|pokemon|25}. When Ash and Pikachu left Ash's home town of Pallet they saw {pkmn|pokemon|250}- a Pokémon based on the legendary bird the Phoenix who only appears to saints. Ash and Pikachu eventually became best friends with his two other friends Brock and Misty, who joined Ash on his Pokémon journey, who helped him to collect all eight badges and get into the indigo league. He finished in the top sixteen where his rival, Gary, finished behind him.

He got his first badge by his Pikachu thunder shocking the sprinklers the water came down on Brock's Onix and Ash wins the Boulder Badge.

He won the Cascade Badge when he was about to beat Misty's Starmie. When Team Rocket came and stole all the water with a giant Hoover Ash comes to the rescue by pushing the lever down and the water comes back out into the pool and Misty's sisters give him the cascade badge.

He gets the thunder badge by defeating Lt Surges {pkmn|pokemon|26} and wins the thunder badge. He gets the marsh badge by getting a haunter from Pokémon tower and making Sabrina laugh and by doing that her {pkmn|pokemon|64} couldn't stop laughing, and was unable to battle, so Sabrina's father declares Ash the winner. He wins the rainbow badge by bravely going into the fire and Rescuing Erika's {pkmn|pokemon|44} and Erika gives him the rainbow badge.

He wins the soul badge by defeating Koga outside the gym because Team Rocket destroying Koga's gym and when he defeats Koga. Koga gives him the soul badge. He wins the volcano badge when Blaine's gym is about to erupt and they barely escape.
They have their battle on top of the volcano and Ash's Charizard uses seismic toss and knocks out Blaine's Magmar. He wins the Earth badge by defeating Jessie and James with Giovanni's Pokémon. All his Pokémon faint except Pidgeotto and Ash goes on to win the battle for the Earth badge.

After the indigo league Ash heads back to his home town of Pallet and has a party with all the folks from pallet town. After that he head off to the Orange Islands. Professor Oak asks him to get the GS ball for him. From here gets a new friend in the Orange islands called Tracey. When he joined, Brock stayed with Ivy. At the end of the Orange islands saga, he returned home and Tracey stayed with Oak, while he, Brock, Misty and Pikachu continued on to the Johto League.

In {pkmn|episode|726}, Ash sets out for the Unova region, leaving his friends and family behind, with only his Pikachu for company. He teams up with Iris and, later, Cilan, on a journey through the Unova region.

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