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Benji is a youngster training in the mountains with his {pkmn|pokemon|166} and his father to become useful Mountain Patrols. He works his best to save people who are lost or need help in the mountains. He lives in a ranger house with his father.

He appeared once in all the episodes, in {pkmn|episode|166} in the Johto Champions series. He had to save {pkmn|pokemon|25}, {pkmn|pokemon|175} and Team Rocket while they were in a hot air balloon and caught on top on a very steep mountain. It resulted in Team Rocket turning their backs and trying to steal Pikachu when they were safe. They also managed to steal Ledian, but both were returned when his Father's {pkmn|pokemon|17} beat Team Rocket.

He only has a Ledian which he uses to save people, he trains it by letting it fly through courses and getting his father's Pidgeotto to create strong winds as if it is in a storm

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