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Mix Red/Blue/Yellow with Ruby/Sapphire and what do you get? Fire Red/Leaf Green! Of course, you obviously knew that. If you didn't, then welcome to Earth!

Anyway, impressions. Put it this way- I was waiting auxiously all day in school to get home and go on it. Only Ruby Version and the new Harry Potter book has ever done that to me before. Full marks for anticipation then. The game itself looks bloody brilliant. It feels great to be able to play the original game with updated graphics. Obviously, it's all in Japanese, so I didn't understand a blinkin' word of it. Luckily, I know the game pretty well. There obviously wasn't much difference to the original game, except fopr the graphics. I'm not past Viridian city yet- nor have I caught a Pokemon (feel free to blame my English teacher, who thought it would be clever to set me a dead long and ridiculously hard essay to be handed in for tomorrow). That sadly means, that I haven't been able to experience the joys of first person views, battles (bar the beginning battle), and TV's in the middle of forests.

Like I've mentioned, I really like the new graphics. They've taken the game into the new Pokemon era. I wasn't to keen on the music though. I got bored of it before I even gave Oak his parcel. It's too repetitive and annoying in the early stages of the game. I know it serves me right for not getting far enough, but in all accounts, I hate training Pokemon up at the start of the games. I just get really annoyed because I'm desperate to get going.

So, before you get bored on me droning on, I'll just answer the questions that James asked me to answer:

What are my first impressions are playing the game?
It's bloody brilliant. When it comes out here, you have to buy it. I don't care if you haven't got the money. Go rob a bank or summit.

Is it good? Does it improve on R/S?
Course it's good. That's what I've just spent 10 minutes blurbling on about. No, I don't think it's better than R/S. Probably because when I played R/S, I'd never played it before, so I didn't know what to expect. I think FR/LG comes a close second, though.

What's good? What's bad?
Graphics = Good.
Sound at beginning = Bad

Why is Psythor so brilliant?
... Big head...

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mewmadness on Sat 07 Mar 2009 07:07:05 UTC.
i agree leaf grenn is awesome if only i had my wireless adapter when i got it