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As a rather nice ability in Pokémon Gold/Silver, you can breed Pokémon, allowing for the 'cloning' of some of the best Pokémon without cheats that could possibly delete or corrupt your save file! First you need to find the Daycare Centre, it's just south of Goldenrod City on Route 34, then place any two Pokémon you want to breed in there together and leave them to produce an egg, but they'll only produce eggs if they're of the opposite sex (unless it's with a Ditto, more later) and if they're interested in each other, read on for loads of tips!

Are my Pokémon going to breed?

There's a way to tell whether your two chosen Pokémon are going to breed or not, first of all, one must be male, another must be female (unless you're breeding with Ditto, but more about that later), the next is to drop them off in the Daycare Centre and to go into the garden, then try to talk to your Pokémon, the resulting message will tell you whether the two will produce an egg:

If you want to know whether the Pokemon can breed, you can go to our Breeding Compatibility page.

Ditto: On both sides of the track!
Ditto are your best friends when it comes to breeding. Why? They can breed with most Pokémon, and they are actually bisexual! They can breed with both male and female Pokémon to produce an egg, and are perfect if you don't want to 'corrupt' your resulting baby's attacks and attributes with attacks from Pokémon types if you don't want them to, how cool is that? I always keep one high level Ditto in the Daycare Centre to produce some nice powerful Pokémon that will grow up as purely the Pokémon of the Ditto's partner.
If you have a mate with Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow and he's got a Blastoise/Charizard/Venusaur and you want a Squirtle/Charmander/Bulbasaur, you can get them by breeding them with Ditto to create a low level version of the father (traded Pokémon are always male, at least for me) which you can train up in an attempt to build up your Pokédex.
Keep in mind that an egg produced with Ditto can take quite a while to hatch, but it's a great way to breed your best Pokémon, or the very rare/valuable ones!

Eevee is a great Pokémon, but if you want all of it's evolutionary forms to fill your Pokédex, you'll want to breed it. As soon as you receive Eevee from Bill, get to the Daycare Centre as soon as possible and breed your Eevee with a Ditto, hey presto! An Eevee producing machine! The only other way to get Eevee in the game is from the Celadon Gaming Corner, but they're very pricey. This method is also useful to fill up your Pokédex in Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow as well, where you were only allowed one of this very cool and very cute Pokémon. Just use the Time Capsule in the Pokécentre!

Sex list
There are certain Pokémon that you'll only ever find one sex of, here's a list to help you out: All neutral Pokémon can be bred with Ditto.

* Can't produce eggs, see 'No chance of breeding'.

** Strangely enough, you can't breed two Ditto together!

No chance of breeding
There are 22 Pokémon that can't produce eggs at all, here's a list of them:

That should do for now, if you have any more tips on breeding, be sure to contact me at!
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Everything was normal in breeding (getting males, females if i think the pokemon looks girly, such as corsola) until i threw in a ditto with a male seel, because i ended up with a female seel. Then i threw in a male chinchou with ditto and got a male chinchou. Then i threw in a male slugma with ditto and got a female slugma. I don't want females.