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Here are what some of the places in Pokémon Gold and Silver could have looked like. These maps are not made by me, but by someone at - which is a site I'd highly recommend you check out if it wasn't down right now. These maps arn't actually retrieved by a Gameshark, but what this person has done is read the games data and then recreated the maps using the exact data. The site they're from is in German, so you could say PKMN.NET is doing english speakers a favour... Anyway to see the maps,


Page written by Psythor.

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Excelsior Man on Sun 03 Jun 2007 20:50:06 UTC.
Whoever put these beta maps here, I thank you very much! You are one of the greatest people ever! As a reward, if you have Diamond and/or Pearl, I'll trade you some cool Pokémon. If anyone else has any beta information regarding other Pokémon games, please put it up on this website, because I enjoy seeing beta stuff.