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Here is a list of all TM's and HM's for Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal. For further details on the moves take a look at the moves page in Game mechanics. Thanks to the "1337" Iceduck for this.

Hidden Machines (HM's)
# Name Location
Technical Machines (TM's)
01 Dynamic Punch Chuck will give it to you when you beat him in Cianwood City gym.
02 Headbutt Ilex Forest or you can buy it from Goldenrod PokéMart.
03 Curse Celedon Mansion.
04 Rollout Route 35.
05 Roar Route 32.
06 Toxic Get from Fuchsia Gym after beating Janine (Koga's Sister).
07 Zap Cannon Return the machine part to the power plant.
08 Rock Smash Goldenrod City PokéMart.
09 Psych Up Trade an Abra from Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow and it will be attached.
10 Hidden Power Buy from Celedon PokéMart.
11 Sunny Day Buy from Celedon PokéMart.
12 Sweet Scent Ilex Forest.
13 Snore Cure the Miltank in the Moo Moo farm.
14 Blizzard Goldenrod City game corner.
15 Hyper Beam Celedon City game corner.
16 Icy Wind Beat the Mahogany town gym leader Pryce.
17 Protect Buy from Celedon City PokéMart.
18 Rain Dance Buy from Celedon City PokéMart. Also you can find one in Slowpoke Well in Azalea.
19 Giga Drain Beat Erika in Celedon City gym.
20 Endure Burnt Tower
21 Frustration Goldenrod City PokéMart on Sundays- show the woman a Pokémon that you haven't trained.
22 Solarbeam Route 27.
23 Iron Tail Beat the Olivine Gym leader Jasmine.
24 Dragonbreath Beat Claire the Olivine Gym leader.
25 Thunder Goldenrod City game corner, its 5500 coins.
26 Earthquake Victory Road
27 Return Show it to the woman in Goldenrod PokéMart on Sundays. You must show a Pokémon that likes you a lot.
28 Dig Around the edges of the national park.
29 Psychic Mr Psychic will unsurprisingly give you it. Or, if you consider yourself not a charity case, then you can get it at Celedon game corner for 3500 coins.
30 Shadow Ball Beat Morty in his gym.
31 Mud-Slap Get this when you beat Falkner in Violet City.
32 Double Team Celedon Game corner- a bargain at 1500 coins!
33 Ice Punch Goldenrod PokéMart. You could also trade Horsea or a number of other Pokémon from the chromatics.
34 Swagger Olivine Lighthouse
35 Sleep Talk The basement of Goldenrod City PokéMart.
36 Sludge Bomb Route 43.
37 Sandstorm A house on Route 27.
38 Fire Blast Goldenrod Game corner for 5500 coins.
39 Swift Union Cave.
40 Defense Curl Mt Motar.
41 Thunderpunch Goldenrod City PokéMart.
42 Dream Eater Viridian City.
43 Detect Lake of Rage.
44 Rest Ice Path
45 Attract Beat Whitney in her gym in Goldenrod City.
46 Thief Rocket's underground base in Mahogany town.
47 Steel Wing Route 28.
48 Fire Punch Goldenrod City PokéMart.
49 Fury Cutter Beat Bugsy the gym leader.
50 Nightmare Give the guy north of Goldenrod City the mail from the person around Violet City.
01 Cut Catch the Farfetch'd in the Ilex forest
02 Fly Chuck's Wife
03 Surf Defeat the five Eevee sisters and talk to their dad.
04 Strength The café in Olivine city.
05 Flash Bellsprout tower.
06 Whirlpool Defeat Team Rocket at the underground base.
07 Waterfall Ice cave.

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sceptile seb on Mon 13 Aug 2007 15:34:56 UTC.
who the hell is chuck???? add more detail! yay! first comment!
sceptile seb on Mon 13 Aug 2007 15:36:23 UTC.
and where is lake of rage? also goldenrod doesnt sell TM08 rock smash. what up with dat?
on Fri 18 Jul 2008 02:42:37 UTC.
sceptile seb, Chuck is the gym leader of Cianwood gym.