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This guide aims to teach you all about happiness, and the way it affects your Pokémon.

The concept of happiness was introduced in Yellow. Even if you haven't played it, you may find this paragraph quite useful. In Yellow, offering Pikachu a Potion when it didn't need one would make it happier. In GSC, it's not that easy. Several things make GSC Pokémon happy, but offering one a Potion isn't one of them. Also, sticking Pikachu in a box would make it unhappy again. This doesn't happen in GS either. The boxes keep Pokémon at whatever happiness they were when they got there.

Why make your Pokémon happier? Two main reasons; a woman that gives away free TMs in Goldenrod City, and to evolve Pokémon. There is no other use for happiness, such as getting free Pokémon like you could in Yellow. The TM woman is in the Poké Mart in Goldenrod City on Sundays. If the first Pokémon on your team is happy, shell give you the Return TM, which is an attck that does more damage the happier your Pokémon is. If it's UNhappy, however, she'll give you the Frustration TM, which does more damage the unhappier the pkmn is.

To get Frustration, you'll need to make your Pokémon dislike you. To do this, feed it bitter herbs (buy them from the woman in the underground shops from Goldenrod City - they're very cheap, and make a Pokémon dislike you very quickly).

Basically, all pkmn have a happiness rating. You can see this rating, but you can guess it. A freshly-caught wild pkmn will be at rating 70. If you caught it with a friend ball (give Kurt a Green Apricorn) itll be at rating 200. A Pokémon you received in a trade will have its happiness reset to 70.

The following will make happiness lower. The numbers in brackets tell you how many happiness points it loses for each one.
Letting the Pokémon faint (-1)
Using Heal Powder or Energy Powder (-5)
Using Energy Root (-10)
Using Revival Herb (-15)

Making a Pokémon dislike you is easy. Getting one to LIKE you is a whole different matter.

As I've already mentioned, other than the TMs, the only reason to make your Pokémon happy is to evolve it. The following Pokémon evolve when happy:

All these are straightforward evoloutions with the exception of Eevee (which I'll discuss later on). To evolve, it'll need a happiness rating of at least 218. When it reaches that target, it'll evolve as soon as it reaches a new level.

Here's a list of things you can do to make your Pokémon happier. The numbers in brackets tell you how many happiness points it gets for each one.
Give it a haircut underneath Goldenrod City (1, 3, 5 or 10 randomly).
Have Daisy in Pallet Town groom it (3)
Walk 512 steps with it on your team (1)
Make it grow a level (3 or 5 randomly)
Beat the Elite Four with it on your team (some people believe this is a rumour, but I'm certain it works - I don't know the value, though)
Feed it HP Up, Iron, Calcium, Carbos or Protein (10 per item)

The best thing to do is to feed it doping items. This won't make them grow levels, so you'll have a low-level evolved Pokémon. This can be a good or bad thing. You can feed a Pokémon five of each of these, and it'll evolve after a maximum of twenty-two. Considering even wild Pokémon have a rating of 70, it'll probably take fifteen at most. The problem with this method is that its very bad for your income. Doping items are very expensive, so make sure you beat the Elite Four several times before buying them. Also, remember you still have to level up your Pokémon after feeding it these items.

Some people have tried trading their Pokémon to RBY to save their GSC money. This doesn't work, because trading returns happiness rating to 70. Sorry.

Back to the subject of Eevee. It now evolves into two new Pokémon, as well as Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon. Both of these new evolutions depend on happiness. If you evolve it when happy during the day, it'll evolve into the Psychic Espeon. If you evolve it when happy during the night, it'll evolve into the new Dark type, Umbreon.

If you want to know how happy your Pokémon is, go to Goldenrod City. Behind the Poke Mart is a girl who will rate your Pokémon's happiness. If she says it's quite cute, you're on the right track. If she says it trusts you, theres a 82% chance of it evolving the next Level Up. If she says it loves you a lot, it'll definately evolve on the next Level Up, but usually the only Pokémon who love you a lot are the ones you've had on your team for ages.

Finally, note that the following things do NOT affect happiness at all:
Give the Pokémon an item to hold
Make the Pokémon win a battle
Make the Pokémon win a Gym Leader battle
Store the Pokémon on the PC
Cause the Pokémon to become Poisoned

Page written by Psythor.

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