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Did you know that anyone who feels like cheating on their Gold and Silver game and ruining the experience can duplicate Pokémon?

Yes, that's right, make an exact copy of one Pokémon, so you have two identical one.

Below are instructions on how to do it, which Cooltrainer posted on the forums.

Tip: You might want to try it out with Caterpie's and Pidgey's first so you don't get sad when Charizard dissappears into nothing.

Note: This trick does not work on Pokémon Crystal- try it and you could end up with no Pokémon at all!

Also note: PKMN.NET, its staff and its members accept no responsibility if you mess it up and your save gets deleted or something.

Page written by Psythor.

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Lord Raven on Fri 01 Jun 2007 20:47:42 UTC.
I hate you too
thatskinnyidiot™ on Sat 02 Jun 2007 05:01:33 UTC.
this works on crystal - trust me ive tried it. but the catch is u need 2 deposit the poke u want 2 clone into an empty box.
Shateon on Sun 24 Jun 2007 08:34:36 UTC.
And cloning returned in Emerald... *OH BLISS!!!*
b1g on Mon 30 Jul 2007 05:57:22 UTC.
this works on crystal.. ha
Blazebro77 on Wed 05 Dec 2007 18:00:23 UTC.
i think i broke mine cause i got rare pokemon in box 8 after doing it like 20+ times. they didn't have names and were at level 0.
Voltorb2005 on Sat 05 Jan 2008 17:42:52 UTC.
This is pretty risky. I'd only do it once to see what it's like.
Laprabi on Tue 19 Feb 2008 17:56:06 UTC.
I should have done this when I had a Level 96 Aerodactyl, a Level 100 Tyranitar and a Level 100 Feraligatr.
on Sat 23 Aug 2008 23:48:14 UTC.
This is awesome! I didn't know you could do this.
Arvy_pk on Fri 27 Mar 2009 00:44:28 UTC.
I tried depositing the shiny gyarados and later on I saw the pic. of gyrados but when in battle it is politoad
AnimeloverGal on Sun 19 Jun 2011 19:58:58 UTC.
@ Arvy_pk I think something went wrong when you cloned your gyrados.

I always cloned my Pokemons in this game and never had any problems like when I clone a Pikachu or Butterfree, and when I look at the status it shows the Pokemon I clones, and nothing weird happens in battle mode.

Sorry for the confusion, I confused myself, writing that