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Cherrygrove City and Route 30
By Iceduck

Cherrygrove PokéMart

Welcome to Cherrygrove City! The first thing you'll want to do is talk to the man who'll give you a tour of the city. Hell give you a map after the tours over.

Next thing you need to do is heal your Pokémon. Go to the Poke Center (a sign outside reads POKE). Talk to Nurse Joy (the woman behind the counter) and shell heal it for you.

Now - SHOPPING TIME! The building next to the Poke Center is a shop. Here's what you can buy:

Potion 300 Restores up to 20 HP
Antidote 100 Cures poisoned Pokémon
Parlyz Heal 200 Heals paralyzed Pokémon
Awakening 250 Awakens sleeping Pokémon

You don really need anything from here at the moment. If you e playing Silver during the day or Gold during the night, you may need some Antidote if you can afford it. Don worry about it, though.

Its now time to head north to see Mr. Pokémon. Head up Route 30. Here are the Pokémon you'll meet the following Pokémon (the table was quite large, so I split it into two separate tables):

Pidgey Common Very Common None
Caterpie Gold: Very Common
Silver: None
Gold: Common
Silver: None
Weedle Gold: None
Silver: Uncommon
Gold: None
Silver: Common
Metapod Gold: Rare
Silver: None
Gold: Rare
Silver: None
Kakuna Gold: None
Silver: Rare
Gold: None
Silver: Rare
Ledyba Gold: None
Silver: Quite Common
None None
Spinarak None None Gold: Quite Common
Silver: None
Rattata None None Very Common
HootHoot None None Very Common

The first building you come across will have a tree next to it. Pick a Berry off it. The man in the house will also give you a Berry.

Mr Pokémon's House

Eventually, you'll reach another house - Mr. Pokémon house! If you've played RBY, you'll find a familiar face - its Professor Oak!

Mr. Pokémon's discovery is a mysterious egg. He wants you to take it to show Prof Elm. Prof Oak will give you a Pokédex, which records the data of every Pokémon you see or catch. The aim of the game now is to catch all 251 - a very hard challenge. And in the meantime, you have to become a Pokémon Master by beating gyms and earning badges.

Before you leave, Mr. Pokémon will heal your Pokémon.

On your way out, Prof Elm will phone you. Something's happened at the lab! I suggest you equip your Pokémon with a Berry now. On your way back, you'll meet the suspicious long-haired boy who was looking through the labs window. And he wants a fight. And what's this? Its one of Prof Elms Pokémon!

The Pokémon will be at :L5. If you trained hard enough, yours should be between :L7 and :L10. With the Berry, you should be able to win easily. You'll get 300 credits for winning.

When you arrive Prof Elms lab, he'll be speaking to a policeman. One of Elms Pokémon was stolen! Who did it? Well...his name is up to you. Basically, this is the same as naming your rival in RBY. The policeman goes after him.

Before you leave, don forget to give Elm the egg. Just talk to him, and hell take it to look after. On your way out, his aide will give you five Pokéballs!

The trainers before Route 31.

Now you have five Pokéballs - one for each empty slot on your team. A boy on Route 29 will show you how to catch Pokémon if you don already know. Catch five Pokémon - including Geodude's and Jigglypuff if you can - and go back to Cherrygrove City. You'll now be able to buy Pokéballs at the Mart. Buy as many as you can afford, and catch as many different Pokémon as possible. If you know of someone who has a different version, trade Ledyba and Spinarak. This is an even trade for both people.

You'll now be able to proceed to Route 31 - but you'll have to fight some other trainers first. Make sure you never knock all your Pokémon out, because you'll lose half your money. On the plus side, you get money for beating trainers.

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