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Route 35, National Park and the Bug Catching Competition
By Iceduck

Be a good citizen and help a lazy git contact his friend.

Talk to the man in the house leading to Route 35. If you have a spare place on your team, he'll give you a Spearow with mail on it. Deliver it to his friend next to Dark Cave, and hell give you a HP-up.

On Route 35, you can capture Nidorans. Catch a male and a female, because they evolve into two different Pokemon. You can also catch Yanma, but they e very rare and not worth the bother - there's a much easier way later on. You can find TM04 here.

If its Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, the National Park will be holding a Bug Catching competition. The aim is to catch the strongest bug Pokémon you can. Its free to enter, and you get to keep the last Pokemon you catch. You also get 20 Park Balls.

Find the bugs!

Use a Pokemon with a sleep move and a weak physical attack, like Drowzee, Oddish or Jigglypuff. Send a strong bug to sleep, then Pound, Absorb or Tackle its HP down. If you use Oddish, use Sweet Scent to attract Pokemon. Catch a Pinsir or Scyther for the best results, although it is possible to win with a Butterfree or Beedrill.

On Gold, this is the only place where you can catch a Weedle. On Silver, its the only place you can catch a Caterpie. On both games, its the only place you can catch Pinsir and Scyther. Make sure you don catch any Pokemon after the one you want to keep, even if you don use it as an entry (although you should if its strong).

The first prize is a Sun Stone (which evolves Gloom and Sunkern). Second is an Everstone (which prevents evolution). Third is a Gold Berry, which restores 30 HP to the Pokemon holding it - its like a Potion and a Berry in one. You get an ordinary Berry if you don get into the first three.

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