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Mt. Battle is an awesome place for training, and a very important part of the story. In this guide, I will explain how to beat Mt. Battle when Cipher takes over, and when you get the fun of doing the 100-trainer battle! So let's begin.

I'll start with when Cipher takes over Mt. Battle. There are only ten battles here, but the last one contains a legendary Pokémon! Bring Great/Ultra balls (LOTS), maybe a couple curatives and you should be good. Bring a water-type, if you have it. Upon entering, your first battle will be with Rider Turo.

Rider Turo (Trapinch L35 - Sandshrew L35 - Numel L34)
Turo isn't hard at all. Just use water if it's handy.

Hunter Drovic (Swinub L35 - Baltoy L38 - Larvitar L37)
Water is good here, too. Of course, you should beat him no matter what.

Rider Kimit (Sandshrew L37 - Numel L36 - Geodude L38)
Guess what? Everything here is weak to water!

Rider Riden (Pineco L35 - Houndour L37 - Baltoy L35 - Graveler L37)
Yes, take out the last three with water. Pineco can be roasted with fire, if it's handy.

Hunter Telia (Trapinch L38 - Trapinch L38 - Barboach L38 - Lileep L38)
Take out the Trapinches with water. Just whack Lileep with strong attacks.

St. Performer Nortz (Cacnea L37 - Kadabra L37 - Spinda L37)
Umbreon will take care of Kadabra, and you can use strong attacks from Espeon for the rest.

Hunter Weeg (Graveler L38 - Sandslash L37 - Vibrara L37)
More good targets for a water type. Vibrava is tough, so you could use Espeon's Psybeam.

Cipher Peon Kison (Houndour L37 - Koffing L37 - Duskull L38 - Kirlia L38)
Quickly get rid of Houndour quick, then bring out Espeon for Koffing. Umbreon is good against Kirlia.

Cipher Peon Berin (Geodude L38 - Sandslash L38 - Geodude L38)
Yet again more good Pokémon to get rid of with water.

Before doing anything, go back and heal and save. Get some Pokéballs/Curatives if you must.

Cipher Admin Dakim (Metang L37 - Camerupt L38 - Golem L38 - Entei L40 - Marshtomp L38)
Alright, here's the reason you came. Dakim will start off with Metang and Golem. Golem falls prey to Water, so a good Surf or Bubblebeam can get rid of him. Take care of Metang with fire or just charge at it with strong attacks. These two like to use Protect a lot, so expect them to protect themselves the first couple rounds. Annoying, I know, but once they're down Dakim gets a bit desperate. He sends out his Marshtomp. Now, I have to just crack up at how small this thing is. Whatever, anything works. Marshtomp's not that strong - even water works fine against it. Next, Camerupt, Entei, or both will come out. Time for the fun part. Have one Pokémon charge at Camerupt to get rid of it quickly. Have another chip down Entei's HP, and chuck Ultra/Great balls at it until you catch it. If you fail in catching it, remember that you did save before this battle so just restart your game, and battle Dakim again.

Otherwise, if you win and catch Entei, you have saved Mount Battle and got an awesome legendary Pokémon!

Come back later in the Story Mode after beating Dakim, and you will be able to take on the ultimate challenge - face 100 Pokémon in a row! Yay! I'll explain a couple of things you need to know, first...

Bring around 50 curatives, seriously. You'll need it. Also, don't have all of your good Pokémon in your party. Chances are it won't take long for your first party to be half dead, half barely alive. You'll gain access to a PC to make a new party, but NO healing machines, so bring curatives. Every ten battles, you will get PokéCoupons (trade them in for prizes), a PC, and Abra can teleport you back to the main gate.

I recommend you try this when you have all of the Shadow Pokémon... you may get a surprise at the end! =)

Area 1, 100 Coupons Won
Cooltrainer Stum (Taillow L18 - Hoothoot L15)
Rich Boy Cyus (Sunkern L15 - Hoppip L16)
Researcher Mort (Igglybuff L17 - Electrike L17)
Lady Auro (Azurill L17 - Sentret L18)
Cooltrainer Lehan (Togepi L16 - Vulpix L18)
Roller Boy Pera (Magikarp L18 - Zubat L17)
Teacher Nevie (Poochyena L17 - Swinub L19)
Athlete Rinos (Wooper L18 - Traphinch L19)
Fun Old Lady Anges (Duskull L19 - Ralts L20)
Leader Vander (Zigzagoon L18 - Whismur L20 - Skitty L19 - Slakoth L19 - Jigglypuff L20)

Area 2, 200 Coupons Won
Fun Old Lady Gelvin (Wynaut L20 - Pichu L20)
Roller Boy Pabe (Zubat L20 - Whismur L21 - Grimer L21)
Athlete Caden (Beldum L21 - Barboach L22)
Rich Boy Lond (Lotad L21 - Seedot L22)
Athlete Albac (Geodude L22 - Sandshrew L22)
Lady Eloos (Marrill L22 - Jigglypuff L23)
Fun Old Man Metz (Abra L23 - Shuppet L23)
Researcher Roeck (Mareep L23 - Magnemite L24 - Voltorb L23)
Teacher Vona (Spheal L24 - Carvanha L25)
Leader Arth (Pineco L25 - Ledyba L25 - Surskit L25 - Nincada L24 - Anorith L24)

Area 3, 400 Coupons Won
Guy Gris (Wurmple L25 - Silcoon L25 - Cascoon L26)
Fun Old Lady Desla (Kirlia L26 - Kirlia L25)
Bodybuilder Eisen (Aron L26 - Phanpy L26 - Sandshrew L26)
Cooltrainer Bedro (Wingull L26 - Bagon L26)
Roller Boy Grel (Oddish L27 - Gulpin L26)
Teacher Loden (Larvitar L26 - Houndour L26)
Fun Old Man Taryn (Natu L27 - Duskull L28)
Glasses Man Solek (Machop L27 - Slakoth L28 - Zigzagoon L29)
Athlete Wina (Geodude L28 - Mawile L29)
Leader Renson (Staryu L28 - Horsea L29 - Corphish L29 - Goldeen L30 - Surskit L30)

Area 4, 600 Coupons Won
Lady In Suit Mala (Togepi L31 - Slakoth L30)
Cooltrain Herton (Taillow L30 - Doduo L31)
Fun Old Man Higson (Natu L30 - Corphish L30)
Fun Old Lady Allaw (Abra L30 - Clamperl L31)
Glasses Man Delot (Magnemite L24 - Voltorb L23)
Rich Boy Diek (Cacnea L32 - Shroomish L32)
Roller Boy Warl (Gulpin L31 - Grimer L34)
Guy Rone (Anorith L33 - Pineco L33 - Volbeat L32 - Illumise L32)
Cooltrainer Neira (Numel L33 - Bagon L34)
Leader Trinch (Nosepass L34 - Lileep L34 - Phanpy L35 - Rhyhorn L35 - Barboach L34)

Area 5, 800 Coupons Won
Researcher Vogi (Pikachu L36 - Chinchou L35)
Glasses Man Terl (Delcatty L36 - Spinda L36 - Vigoroth L37)
Lady In Suit Sowa (Noctowl L36 - Linoone L37)
Fun Old Man Yudan (Sableye L37 - Nuzleaf L37)
Athlete Margo (Mawile L37 - Corsola L37 - Graveler L38)
Roller Boy Toli (Koffing L37 - Grimer L37 - Dustox L37 - Gloom L38)
Fun Old Lady Ropel (Kadabra L38 - Natu L37 - Medicham L38)
Lady Vesey (Lombre L38 - Luvdisc L38 - Tentacool L39 - Seadra L39)
Teacher Kinson (Sealeo L39 - Houndour L39 - Spinda L40)
Leader Zentin (Beautifly L40 - Swellow L40 - Masquerain L39 - Golbat L40 - Pelipper L39)

Area 6, 800 Coupons Won
Teacher Leine (Magnemite L40 - Voltorb L40 - Chinchou L41)
Glasses Man Laton (Cacnea L40 - Phanpy L41 - Aipom L40 - Nosepass L41)
Bodybuilder Besol (Lileep L41 - Skiploom L41 - Ledian L42)
Cooltrainer Boda (Delibird L42 - Rhyhorn L40 - Anorith L42)
Roller Boy Daga (Houndour L42 - Vibrava L43 - Staryu L42 - Delcatty L41)
Guy Alten (Beautifly L43 - Teddiursa L42 - Skiploom L42 - Clamperl L43)
Lady In Suit Fial (Luvdisc L43 - Goldeen L43 - Goldeen L44 - Luvdisc L44)
Fun Old Man Haken (Nuzleaf L44 - Koffing L43 - Nosepass L43 - Mawile L44)
Lady Illa (Corsola L44 - Volbeat L43 - Illumise L44 - Roselia L44)
Leader Loko (Wigglytuff L44 - Azumarrill L44 - Ariados L45 - Wailmer L45 - Wobbuffet L45)

Area 7, 900 Coupons Won
Roller Boy Gort (Yanma L44 - Masquerain L44 - Ledian L45 - Ariados L46)
Rich Boy Perd (Lunatone L44 - Solrock L45 - Dunsparce L47 - Sandslash L48)
Reasercher Mante (Delibird L47 - Clamperl L45 - Dustox L45 - Magcargo L45)
Athlete Meton (Ninjask L46 - Dodrio L47 - Jumpluff L46 - Linoone L45)
Fun Old Lady Lonno (Murkrow L45 - Misdreavus L46 - Banette L48 - Sableye L48)
Lady In Suit Reme (Azumarrill L47 - Girafarig L48 - Roselia L45 - Bellossom L45)
Cooltrainer Ferda (Swellow L46 - Sneasel L47 - Vigoroth L48 - Girafarig L47)
Glasses Man Gilam (Sharpedo L38 - Camerupt L47 - Chimecho L45 - Medicham L46)
Guy Odon (Granbull L48 - Pupitar L47 - Mantine L47 - Sealeo L49)
Leader Athey (Mawile L48 - Machoke L48 - Quagsire L49 - Dusclops L9 - Altaria L50)

Area 8, 900 Coupons Won
Lady Caril (Wigglytuff L49 - Sunflora L49 - Noctowl L50 - Piloswine L50)
Fun Old Man Chenek (Seviper L49 - Swalot L50 - Golbat L50 - Kadabra L51)
Roller Boy Lanzo (Gligar L50 - Sneasel L50 - Hitmontop L51 - Grumpig L52)
Researcher Ribek (Masquerain L51 - Mightyena L50 - Stantler L52 - Granbull L51)
Bodybuilder Vitalo (Dusclops L51 - Lanturn L51 - Skarmory L52 - Vileplume L52)
Cooltrainer Daras (Glalie L51 - Breloom L51 - Swellow L51 - Rhydon L51)
Athlete Dian (Metang L52 - Granbull L51 - Jumpluff L51 - Xatu L53)
Glasses Man Haue (Tropius L51 - Absol L52 - Lairon L52 - Exploud L53)
Fun Old Lady Naldo (Torkoal L52 - Shiftry L51 - Noctowl L52 - Relicanth L54)
Leader Shobon (Hariyama L52 - Cacturne L53 - Weezing L53 - Golem L54 - Starmie L55)

Area 9, 1000 Coupons Won
Athlete Dobel (Girafarig L54 - Ninjask L55 - Zangoose L54 - Dodrio L55)
Guy Keto (Breloom L55 - Sharpedo L55 - Camerupt L58 - Foretress L55)
Glasses Man Moit (Banette L55 - Magneton L58 - Mantine L58 - Whiscash L55)
Fun Old Man Matso (Raichu L56 - Lombre L55 - Electrode L56 - Altaria L56)
Bodybuilder Ritaco (Crawdaunt L56 - Octillery L54 - Huntail L56 - Golduck L55)
Lady Ristin (Bellossom L55 - Gorebyss L56 - Miltank L56 - Ampharos L57)
Roller Boy Dorn (Skarmory L56 - Xatu L56 - Shiftry L57 - Rhydon L57)
Rich Boy Jurek (Weezing L57 - Muk L57 - Altaria L56 - Donphan L56)
Researcher Vonder (Cradily L57 - Heracross L58 - Ninetales L59)
Leader Norus (Tropius L60 - Ludicolo L60 - Vileplume L59 - Bellossom L59 - Shiftry L60)

Area 10, 1200 Coupons Won
Fun Old Man Tando (Golem L58 - Relicanth L59 - Cacturne L60 - Sandslash L60)
Fun Old Lady Panne (Golbat L59 - Swalot L59 - Muk L60 - Tenracruel L60)
Rich Boy Quint (Grumpig L59 - Kadabra L60 - Metang L60 - Lunatone L60)
Lady Kowly (Castform L60 - Sunflora L60 - Vileplume L60 - Bellossom L60)
Athlete Crisom (Mantine L60 - Seaking L60 - Huntail L60 - Gorebyss L60)
Athlete Raus (Electrode L60 - Misdreavus L60 - Ninetales L60 - Camerupt L60)
Cooltrainer Trilo (Feraligatr L60 - Typhlosion L60 - Meganium L60 - Breloom L60 - Ampharos L60)
Cooltrainer Lomen (Blaziken L60 - Sceptile L60 - Swampert L60 - Altaria L60 - Glalie L60)
Teacher Nacie (Crawdaunt L60 - Magneton L60 - Shedinja L60 - Heracross L60 - Gardevoir L60)
Master Somek (Pinsir L60 - Claydol L60 - Crobat L60 - Gligar L60 - Flygon L60 - Gyarados L60)

Congratulations, you have beaten 100 trainers in Mount Battle!

Thanks to Chaoschao for this!

Page written by Psythor.

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