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Lyrics to the song that was played over the flashback in Gotta Catch Ya Later!.

But now that's such a hard thing to say
Now it's time to let go
But I never thought I'd feel this way
Promise not to be sad
But we both knew I was lying
Gotta fight back the tears
'Cause, can't let you see me crying
You're more than just my best friend
What makes me Misty most of all
In our final curtain call
Is knowing that I won't see you again

Pagina geschreven door Psythor

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Tags: Geen!

Little Charm~Happy birthday to me~ op vr 09 nov 2007 16:52:20 UTC.
Ohh...should have sung Automaitc high. Good song... although...
kawaii_neko11 op zo 09 nov 2008 01:52:29 UTC.
It's depressing...
Spriter Neb op za 04 jul 2009 04:11:57 UTC.
I miss Misty
Spriter op zo 21 feb 2010 11:17:08 UTC.
I read the episode guide when she splits.Awww...
pokemonfanmaster1 op ma 21 jun 2010 04:33:26 UTC.
misty realy cared about ash huh? its realy sad..... misty was great huh? we will all miss her.
Guest op di 14 apr 2015 14:37:30 UTC.
why why did misty have to leave its so sad but i will always be a mashty fan goodbye misty :(