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In FR/LG, one of the new features are the Move Tutors, found randomly around Kanto. By talking to them, they can teach your Pokemon a certain move. However, they’ll only teach their move once, and once only. Here’s the list of Move Tutors and Locations:

Attack Taught
Attack Taught
Body Slam
Four Island
Celadon City PokeMart, Third Floor
Double Edge
Victory Road (Near Exit)
Dream Eater
Viridian City
One Island, Mt. Ember
Mega Kick
Route 4
Mega Punch
Route 4
Cinnibar Island, Pokemon Lab
Saffron City, Copycat Girl
Rock Slide
Rock Tunnel (Near Lavender Town Exit)
Seismic Toss
Pewter City Museum (back entrance)
Celadon City, Old Person
Fuchsia City
Swords Dance
Seven Island
Thunder Wave
Silph Co, Second Floor

In addition to these Move Tutors, on Two Island there is a Move Tutor that will teach one of the three Elemental Attacks (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn or Hydro Cannon) to the full evolve of the relevant starter you have with you. They're all basically Hyper Beam but a different type (150 base damage, forfeit move after). Cheap, then.

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