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Pokémon trainers everywhere use their Pokémon for lots of things, such as battling, hedge cutting and trivial tasks such as house building and drain maintenance. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, your Pokémon will be able to do even more- enter contests!

There are contests on different criteria that you can enter your Pokémon into:

Not much is known about the contests yet, except that the prizes for them include Ribbons.

If your Pokémon is uglier than 'Kylie Minogue' or more dense than George Bush, don't worry, you can still win! You can use special Pokéblocks to boost up your Pokémon's character in the different areas. It is speculated that you can obtain Pokéblocks from PokéMarts or trees which are similar to berry trees.

To the left you can see what the fans have dubbed the "Berrydex" - an index of the different types of berries, including data about the length and effects of what the Pokéblocks do.

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