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Littleroot Town
Route 101
Oldale Town
Route 103

Littleroot Town/Route 101

The adventure this time begins with your character in a truck, which stops in Littleroot town. You hop out, and are met, before being escorted inside. Once inside, head up, past the Machoke, and into your bedroom. Look at the clock on the wall to set the time, before going back outside.

Go to the house next door, where upstairs, you'll meet you rival for the first time. After a brief chat, they'll run from the room. They've gone north, to route 103, and you should follow. Head north, to enter route 101, and you'll see the new Professor being attacked by a Poochyena! Go to his bag, and choose one of the three starter Pokémon to save him! Once you've successfully knocked out this level 2 brute, you'll be whisked back to the lab, where you're told you can keep your selected partner.

Oldale Town/Route 103

Now head back off to route 101, where you'll meet some very low level Pokémon. Keep going and you'll get to Kotoki Town. There isn't much to do here, except heal your Pokémon. The store does not sell Pokéballs before you ask. Continue northwards, and you'll be on route 103, with your rival at the very top in the grass. Once you've fought them, they'll run off again! This time back to the lab in Littleroot. When you catch up, you'll be given 5 Pokéballs and the new Pokédex, which features a new numbering system to include the new Pokémon. You'll also be given a pair of running shoes as you leave Littleroot Town, which allow you to run when you hold down B.

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