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Fortree City
Fortree City Gym

Route 118/Route 119/Fortree City

Now begins your long trek to the location of the next Gym, Fortree City. To get there, make your way to Kinsetsu, talking to the the Gym Leader Wattson (who is just outside his Gym) to gain an item.

Now head east, to the small beach area of the town, where you can now Surf across the small area of water. You're now on Route 118, which is full of new Pokémon and trainers for you to contend with, as you head for your ultimate goal in the north.

Eventually you'll reach Route 119, where members of Team M/A will be blocking your path across the bridge. Above them is a building, into this to find even more! There's a bed in the top left here, in which you can heal from all your difficult battles on the way. Fully healed, challenge and defeat all the members in the building, and as usual, they'll clear out, allowing you to continue on your quest.

Once you've crossed the bridge, you'll encounter your rival again, and will be given HM02, Fly. However, you can't use this until you've defeated the 6th Gym Leader. After a few more trainer battles, you'll reach the interesting Fortree City. You'll soon find that your path to the Gym is blocked by an invisible object, so instead continue to the east, where you will meet even more trainers. Trust me, you will need all this experience.

Follow Route 120 around and you'll soon come to a large bridge. You'll find you can't walk past the man standing on it, as yet again, it's blocked by an invisible object, so talk to him. He'll use a tool that makes the object appear, and pretty soon you'll be face to face with a Kecleon, which then battles you. It's level 30, and isn't owned by the man, so you're free to catch it if you wish. When you've either defeated or caught it, the man will give you the tool he used before using one of his own Pokémon to fly away. Don't cross the bridge just yet, and return to Fortree City.

You'll find you can now use this tool to expose what was blocking your path to the Gym; another Kecleon, although this time it won't battle you.

Once inside the Gym, you'll have to negotiate a series of gates to reach the Gym Leader, Winona, who uses four flying Pokémon, which can be quite hard to beat. These are Swellow, Pelipper, Skamory, and Altaria. Skamory and Altaria can be quite a challenge, so be prepared. When you triumph, you'll be awarded the Feather Badge, and of course the ability to use Fly.

Route 121/Lilycome City/Mt Pyre

With the 6th badge in hand, head back to the bridge on Route 120, crossing it. It will begin to rain! This creates the same effect as Rain Dance during battle, and not surprisingly, you're about to experience several trainers that use water Pokémon.

Continue southwards, and the rain will eventually stop, and you'll be able to see clouds in the sky in the refelections in the puddles. When you can go no further south, head east onto Route 121, and after more trainer battles, Lilycome City. You can't battle any of the Team M/A members you'll see here, so go to the north west of the city, and talk to your rival for a battle.

After healing your Pokémon, go to the beach in the north east of the city, where you'll see a lone Team M/A member. From here, Surf northwards, and you'll find a cave entrance. Go inside and talk to the two Team M/A members blocking your path, and you'll find its their secret base! There is nothing you can do here right now, so head back to Route 121 in the west of the City, where you should have seen a small pier with a female trainer standing on it.

Surf south from this, and you'll find Mt Pyre, with the entrance on its south-most face. This is full of ghost Pokémon, so be careful, and head to the left, where you'll find a path leading to the top of the mountain. Soon you'll find a small groupof Team M/A members that will battle you. When defeated they, as well as the leader talking to an elderly couple, will leave. Talk to them before heading back down.

Slateport City/The Secret Team M/A Base

Once outside the mountain, use Fly to fly all the way back to Kaina City. To your right, you'll see a group of people huddled around a news team outside a building. Talk to the scientist they appear to be interviewing, and they will leave. You'll follow the scientist inside, and see a Team M/A member with the Leader of Team M/A. They'll soon leave in a large underwater shadow. You'll have to follow them! And where would they be going? The Secret Base!

So head back to Lilycome City, and then Surf up to the base in the cave. You're way inside will no longer be blocked, but you will have to battle a Team M/A member running around in this area. To navigate this building, you'll have to use a network of teleport circles. Take the one on the left, and then battle the two Team M/A members you encounter. At the bottom of this area, there is another circle, leading to several rows of teleport circles you'll have to negotiate. (We'll get you a map for this eventually). Eventually you'll be in a room containing 4 items, two of which are Electrodes, one of which is the Master Ball.

Now get back to the room with the two trainers, and take the circle on the right hand side of the room. Follow the stairs, fighting the two Team M/A members you encounter. You should then go through the next circle, to find another member of Team M/A standing in front of that shadow again. Once he has been defeated, the mysterious shadow will leave again! Go on the circle here, and then up the stairs to return to the entrance of the base.

You'll probably want to heal your Pokémon in Lilycome City, before heading east onto Route 124.

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