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Route 124/Route 125/Mossdeep City

Surf through these routes and you'll eventually reach Mossdeep City. There is very little to do here other than the Gym, but you will receive HM08, Dive, from one of its residents (check all the houses till our map is up). As you would expect though, you can't actually use it outside of battle until you've beaten the 7th Gym Leader, or should I say Gym Leaders.

This town features a rather interesting 2 vs 2 Gym Match, against its Leaders Liza and Tate. This isn't too difficult, due to the fact that there are only two Pokémon to defeat. Lunatone, a Pokémon which looks like a moon, and Solrock, which looks like a sun. One you've won, you'll be given the 7th badge, the Mind Badge. Now it's time to do something far more interesting than Gym battles! It's time to join Team M/A's hunt for Groudon/Kyogre!

Groudon/Kyorge's Cave/Sootopolis City

From Mossdeep, Surf south until you find a large patch of dark blue water. This is deep water, into which you dive using HM08. Do soon, and follow the path underwater.

The general direction is south, although you'll have to start going west eventually. Don't worry about getting lost underwater though, the path will not allow you to go any other way. Eventually you'll find a cave entrance. Go inside, and you'll see a submarine. That's what the mysterious shadow was! Press B to float to the surface, and you'll find yourself in a small beached area.

Head north, and into the cave, where you'll have to fight several Team M/A members, as well as negotiate some occasionally tricky rock puzzles. You will need a Pokémon with the abilities Rock Smash and Strength. First head through the opening in the north. You'll now have to face a large maze of bolders, but it is farely simple. You need to head for the exit in the top left of this area.

Now comes a maze of water currents. Head to the right, and take the current which carries you all the way to the left side of the room, before taking the stream up to the small platform above you. Go through this exit, and you'll see a female Team M/A member, with a large amount of rocks in front of her. Navigate through these and defeat her, then head through the exit in the top left, and complete the last rock challenge here. You'll now be in a misty part of the cave, so head south, and you'll soon see Groudon/Kyogre surrounded by Magma/Aqau.

Walk in front of it, and the Team M/A Leader will run up and challenge you to a battle. Once defeated, Groudon/Kyogre will get closer, before the Leader of Team M/A will emit a red light, making the Pokémon leave. At this point, members and the Leader of the opposing group will appear, and you and the Leaders will be transported back outside onto Route 124.

You'll soon notice, that the weather has been effected, and all of the games town and route music has stopped. In Ruby, there is a strange dry, shining effect all over Houen, while in Sapphire, there are thunderstorms. To restore things to normal, you'll have to find Groudon/Kyogre again! To do this, you'll need to go to Sootopolis City. Fly back to Mossdeep, and then Surf westwards. Eventually you'll come across a huge deep water area, which you should dive down into. You'll know this is different from the previous deep water, as there will be underwater plants on the ocean floor. Follow the path here, generally south, and you'll soon see another cave entrance.

Enter this, and again rise to the surface, and you'll be in Sootopolis City. This city is fairly large, and is split into three main sections. On the left, you will fine the Pokémart, and some other buildings. In the center is the Gym. On the right is the Pokémon Center, and some other buildings. Go to the side with the Pokémart, and follow the path round until you meet the people standing close to the cave in the north of the town. Groudon/Kyogre is inside! You'll want a Pokémon with Flash before you go in, and this time there are no puzzles to work out. You'll hear the occasional thud from the enraged Pokémon, at increasing frequencies the closer you get. Pick up the items in here, as one is the essential HM07, Waterfall.

Find the ladder in each level of the cave until you eventually find Groudon/Kyogre. Walk in front of it, and it will attack! It's level 45, and although it is not too difficult to reduce its health, you'll find it quite a challenge to catch it. As was the case in RBY, there are other legendary Pokémon to catch later in the game, so we would suggest not to use your Master Ball on Groudon/Kyogre. Hopefully, a few Ultra Balls should be enough, but don't forget to save before the battle, just in case!

Once the Pokémon is yours, you can exit the cave, and heal your Pokémon on the other side of the town. When you're ready, head to the Gym in the center. The last Gym is surprisingly easy, and some may even find it harder to get to the Gym Leader than the actually battle. You will have to step on every piece of ice in each of the three sections, finishing at a set of stairs, only touching each part once, in order to reach her. If you fail to do so, the ice will break, and you will fall to the trainers below. To get out of this area, there is a ladder in the south east.

The Gym Leader, Wallace, uses four Water Pokémon, which are not too difficult to beat. Once he has been defeated, you'll receive your eighth badge, the Rain Badge, and will be able to use HM07 Waterfall.

Ever Grande City

Surf east once outside of Mossdeep City, and eventually you'll reach a very large waterfall. Use Waterfall to climb it, and you'll soon find youself in Ever Grande City, the location of Hoenn's Elite 4. Before you reach them though, you'll have to make it through a cave, as usual...

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