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TM01Focus PunchRoute 115
If you take damage from the enemy, you flinch and cannot attack
TM02Dragon ClawMeteor Falls
No Special properties
TM03Water PulseGet from Wallace at the Sootopolis Gym
Confuses the Opponent (20% Chance)
TM04Calm MindGet from Liza and Tate at the Mossdeep Gym
Raises User's Special Attack and Special Defense
TM05RoarRoute 114
Scares away Wild Pokemon. In trainer battle, Opponent is forced to switch Pokemon
TM06ToxicFiery Path
Poisons Opponent. Posion damage increases each turn
TM07HailShoal Cave
Creates a hail storm that lasts for 5 turns. Damage is inflicted on all active Pokemon that aren't Ice Types
TM08Bulk UpGet from Brawly at the Dewford Town Gym
Raises User's Attack and Defense
TM09Bullet SeedRoute 104
Attacks 2-5 times in one turn
TM10Hidden PowerSlateport City Market/ Fortree City[p]3000
Type and Power varies depending on the User
TM11Sunny DayRoute 120
Raises power of Fire-type attacks for 5 turns
TM12TauntTrick House
Opponent can only use attacking moves
TM13Ice BeamMauville City Game Corner4000 Coins
May Freeze the Opponent (10% Chance)
TM14BlizzardLilycove City Department Store[p]5500
May Freeze the Opponent (10% Chance)
TM15Hyper BeamLilycove City Department Store[p]7500
User cannot attack next turn
TM16Light ScreenLilycove City Department Store[p]3000
Halves damage from Opponent's Special Attacks for 5 turns
TM17ProtectLilycove City Department Store[p]3000
Opponent's attack has no effect. may fail if used more than once
TM18Rain DanceAbandoned Ship
Raises power of Water-type attacks for 5 turns
TM19Giga DrainRoute 123
User recovers HP equal to half of damage inflicted by this attack
TM20SafeguardLilycove City Department Store[p]3000
Protects User from suffering status changes for 5 turns
TM21FrustrationPacifidlog Town
Gain's power based on how Unhappy the User is
TM22SolarbeamSafari Zone
Attacks on the 2nd turn. If Sunny Day is in use attacks on the 1st turn
TM23Iron TailMeteor Falls
May Lower Opponent's Defense (30% Chance)
TM24ThunderboltMauville City/ Mauville City Game Corner4000 Coins
May Paralyse the Opponent (10% Chance)
TM25ThunderLilycove City Department Store[p]5500
May Paralyse the Opponent (30% Chance). Always hits when Rain Dance in is effect. Hit rate is halved when Sunny Day is in effect. Attack strength is doubled against a Pokemon using Fly
TM26EarthquakeSeafloor Cavern
Attack strength is doubled against a Pokemon using Dig
TM27ReturnFallarbor Town/ Pacifidlog Town
Gains power based on how Happy the User is
TM28DigRoute 114
Attacks on the 2nd turn. Escapes from caves out of battle
TM29PsychicMauville City Game Corner3500 Coins
Reduces Opponent's Special Defense (10% Chance)
TM30Shadow BallMt. Pyre
Reduces Opponent's Special Defense (20% chance)
TM31Brick BreakSootopolis City
Defeats the effects of Reflect and Light Screen
TM32Double TeamMauville City Game Corner1500 Coins
Raises User's Evasiveness
TM33ReflectLilycove City Department Store[p]3000
Halves damage from Physical attacks for 5 turns
TM34Shock WaveGet from Wattson at the Mauville City Gym
Always hits
TM35FlamethrowerMauville City Game Corner4000 Coins
May burn the Opponent (10% Chance). Cures Frozen Pokemon
TM36Sludge BombDewford Town
May Poison the Opponent (30% Chance)
TM37SandstormDesert (Route 111)
Hurts both Pokemon each turn, except Rock, Ground and Steel Types for 5 turns
TM38Fire BlastLilycove City Department Store[p]5500
May burn the Opponent (10% Chance)
TM39Rock TombGet from Roxanne at the Rustboro City Gym
Lowers Opponents Speed
TM40Aerial AceGet from Winona at the Fortree City Gym
Always hits
TM41TormentSlateport City
Prevents the Opponent from using the same attack twice in a row
TM42Fa�adeGet from Norman at the Petalburg City Gym
Attack damage is doubled when the User is Poisoned, Paralyzed or Burned
TM43Secret PowerRoute 111/ Slateport City Market[p]3000
30% Chance of giving the Opponent a Status Condition that depends on the battles location (Grass=Poison, Tall Grass=Sleep, Sand=Lowered Accuracy, Underwater=Lowered Defense, Sea=Lowered Attack, Pond=Lowered Speed, Mountain= Confusion, Anywhere Else= Paralyze. Creates Secret Bases out of battle
TM44RestLilycove City
Recovers all HP. The User sleeps for 2 turns
TM45AttractVerdanturf Town
May prevent Opposite sex Pokemon from attacking (50% chance)
TM46ThiefSlateport City
Steals Opponents held item. Item is returned after battle against trainers. Only works if User isn't holding an item
TM47Steel WingGranite Cave
Raises User's Defense (10% Chance)
TM48Skill SwapMt. Pyre
The User swaps Ability with Opponent
TM49SnatchS.S Tidal
If Opponent uses attack with benefitious effects on same turn, User steals that effect and applies it to itself
TM50OverheatGet from Flannery at the Lavaridge City Gym
Lowers User's Special Attack greatly
HM01CutCutter's House in Rustboro City
Cuts down small trees out of battle
HM02FlyGet from Brendan/ May on Route 119
Attacks on 2nd turn/ Flies to any area already visited out of battle
HM03SurfWally's House in Petalburg City
Allows you to Surf across water out of battle
HM04StrengthRusturf Tunnel
Allows you to push rocks out of battle
HM05FlashGranite Cave
Reduces Opponents Accuracy/ Lights up dark caves out of battle
HM06Rock SmashMauville City
Lowers Opponent Defense (50% Chance)/ Smashs Rocks out of battle
HM07WaterfallCave of Origin
Allows you to climb up Waterfalls out of battle
HM08DiveMossdeep City
Attacks on the 2nd turn/ Dives underwater and resurfaces out of battle

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