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Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Pokémon: Treecko |
Normal Pokedex: 252
Ruby & Sapphire: 001

English: Treecko
Japenese: Kimori

Name Origin:
Both Treecko and Kimori are a mixture of "Tree" and"Gecko"

Type: Grass

Species: "Wood Gecko"

Height: 0.5m or 1'8''

Weight: 5g or 11 lb

Gender Ratio:
Male: 88%
Female: 12%

Tracking Colour: Green

-Level 16 Grovyle
-Level 36 Jukain

"Fresh Verdure"-When HP goes below 1/3rd the power of grass type moves increases 1.5 times.

Egg Group:

Steps For Egg To Hatch: 5,120

Effort Points From Battling Treecko: Speed,1 Point

Pokedex Entry:
Treecko is cool, calm and collected- it never panics under any situation. If a bigger foe were to glare at this POKEMON, it would glare right back without conceding an inch of ground.

Ruby & Sapphire Level Up Moves:

{Structure=Level The move Is Learnt,Move Name,Type Of Move,Power/Damage Of Move,Accuracy Of Move,PP Of Move,Effect Of Move}

LevelMoveType PowerAccPPEffect
-PoundNormal 40100%35�
-LeerNormal -100%30Lowers opponents defense
6AbsorbGrass 20 (30)100%20User sucks health from opponent
11Quick AttackNormal 40100%30Always attack first
16PursuitDark 40100%20No effect
21ScreechNormal -85%40Lowers opponents defence
26Mega DrainGrass 40 (60)100%10Stronger form of absorb
31AgilityPsychic --30Raises users speed
36SlamNormal 8075%20Stronger version of pound
41DetectFighting --5-
46Giga DrainGrass 60 (90)100%5Stronger version of mega drain

Ruby & Sapphire Technical Machines [TM's]

TM01Scream PunchFighting 150100%20User strikes second but if the user gets hit in the first turn,the move fails
TM06ToxicPoison -85%10Poisons the opponent
TM09Seed Machine GunGrass 10 (15)100%30Attacks 2-5 times
TM10Hidden PowerNormal Varies100%15The power and type varies amongst Pokémon to Pokémon
TM11Sunny DayFire --5Increases the power of fire moves and enables Solar Beam to be used without charging up for several terms
TM17ProtectNormal --10Protects the user from being hit for one turn
TM19Giga DrainGrass 60 (90)100%5Sucks health from oponant to raise users HP
TM20SafeguardNormal --25Prevents user from having a status problem
TM21FrustrationNormal Varies100%20Power is greater if the user is unhappy [not tame]
TM22Solar BeamGrass 120 (180)100%10Powers up on first turn and fires on second turn,but attacks in one shot if Sunny Day has been used
TM23Iron TailSteel 10075%15May lower oponants defence {30% chance}
TM27ReturnNormal Varies100%20Poweris greater if user is tame.
TM28DigGround 60100%10First turn user goes underground and receives no damage [accept for ground moves]then on the second turn user strikes
TM31KawarareriFighting 75100%15Breaks through Light Screen and Reflect
TM32Double TeamNormal --15Users evasion rises
TM39Rock TombRock 5080%10Lowers opponents speed
TM40TsubamegaeshiFlying 60-20Always hits as long as user is on screen
TM42BravadoNormal 70100%20Power is doubled if user is poisend,burnt or paralyzed
TM43Secret PowerNormal 70100%20Effect depends upon where the attack is used,in grass it poisens,in tall grass it puts opponant to sleep,in the ocean it lowers attack,when diving it lowers defence,in a pond it lowers speed,in sand the opponants accuracy lowers,in a cave it causes flinching,on rocks its confusion and elsewhere it paralyzes
TM44RestPsychic --10User falls asleep and recovers HP
TM45AttractNormal -100%15Induces opponents of the opppsite gender with infatuation, making it less often for the opponent to attack

Ruby and Sapphire Hidden Machines

HM01CutNormal 5095%30No effect
HM04StrengthNormal 80100%15No effect
HM05FlashNormal -70%20Lowers opponents accuracy
HM06Rock SmashFighting 20100%15May lower opponents defense (50% chance)
Ruby and Sapphire Egg Moves

CrunchDark 80100%15May lower opponants special defence {20% Chance}
Breed a male Tyranitar [which knows Crunch] with a female Feraligatre,then breed the male Totodile knowing Crunch with a female Treecko---OR---Breed a male Boomanda knowing crunch with a female Jukain
Mud PlayGround -100%15As long as the user stays in battle after using it,electric moves deal less damage to both user and opponant
Breed a male Mudkip knowing Mud Play with a female Treecko
RecklessNormal Varies100%5Damage is equal to opponants HP minus users HP
Breed a male Mudkip knowing Reckless with a female Treecko
Leech SeedGrass -90%10Once installed in opponant it saps health from the opponant to the user every turn
Breed a male Meganium/Venusaur/Any Grass Pokemon That learns It with a female Jukain
DragonbreathDragon 60100%20May paralyze the opponant {30% Chance}
Breed a male Boomanda knowing Dragonbreath with a female Jukain
Break ClawNormal 7595%10May lower opponants defence {50% Chance}
Not sure as of this moment

Recormended Move Sets:

Ruby & Sapphire Move Tutor Moves:
Blast Burn,Hydro Cannon,Hard Plant and Voltekka are elementle hyper beams so it would make sence that un-evolved pokemon can not learn em'.

Treecko's Max Stats:

Hit Points {HP}
Base: 40

Level 5
In The Wild: 19-20
Trained: 22-23

Level 25
In The Wild: 55-62
Trained: 70-78

Level 50
In The Wild: 100-115
Trained: 131-147

Level 100
In The Wild: 190-221
Trained: 253-284

Attack {AT}
Base: 45

Level 5
In The Wild: 9-11 [8-12]
Trained: 12-14 [10-15]

Level 25
In The Wild: 27-35 [24-38]
Trained: 43-51 [38-56]

Level 50
In The Wild: 50-65 [45-71]
Trained: 81-97 [72-106]

Level 100
In The Wild: 95-126 [85-138]
Trained: 158-189 [142-207]

Defence {DF}
Base: 35

Level 5
In The Wild: 8-10 [7-11]
Trained: 11-13 [9-14]

Level 25
In The Wild: 22-30 [19-33]
Trained: 38-46 [34-50]

Level 50
In The Wild: 40-55 [36-60]
Trained: 71-87 [63-95]

Level 100
In The Wild: 75-106 [67-116]
Trained: 138-169 [124-185]

Speed {Sp}
Base: 70

Level 5
In The Wild: 12-13 [10-14]
Trained: 15-16 [13-17]

Level 25
In The Wild: 40-47 [36-51]
Trained: 55-63 [49-69]

Level 50
In The Wild: 75-90 [67-99]
Trained: 106-122 [95-134]

Level 100
In The Wild: 145-176 [130-193]
Trained: 208-239 [187-262]

Special Attack {SA}
Base: 65

Level 5
In The Wild: 11-13 [9-14]
Trained: 14-16 [12-17]

Level 25
In The Wild: 37-45 [33-49]
Trained: 53-61 [47-67]

Level 50:
In The Wild: 70-85 [63-93]
Trained: 101-117 [90-128]

Level 100
In The Wild: 135-166 [121-182]
Trained: 198-229 [178-251]

Special Defence {SD}
Base: 55

Level 5
In The Wild: 10-12 [9-13]
Trained: 13-15 [11-16]

Level 25
In The Wild: 32-40 [28-44]
Trained: 48-56 [43-61]

Level 50
In The Wild: 60-75 [54-82]
Trained: 91-107 [81-117]

Level 100
In The Wild: 115-146 [103-160]
Trained: 178-209 [160-229]

Treecko's Base:
Treecko is the grass lizard starter,it is the 3rd genoration of lizard starters,the first being Charmander,the fire lizard,then there was Totodile,the water lizard,now there is Treecko,the grass lizard.The fully evolved lizards are always the strongest,and Treecko's fully evolved form Jukain is no eception to the rule,but it is the closest yet with Mudkip's final form Swampert not far behind.

How does a Treecko act?:
From what has been observed Treecko's are a very sociable species,they live in groups of 1 or 2 dozen,their hierarchy system works much like that of primates,there is always an "Alfa Male"which leads all others,*some* of the others [ahem Ash's Treecko]may not like their leader but they respect him,if a Treecko is removed from its group it will suffer from separation anxiety and depression until it settles into its new surroundings.

How Many Treecko's Are There?:
In The Anime:There is probabally about 15,that we know of atleast,in the tribe of Treecko that Ash's came from there was most likely a dozen,if not more [not including Ash's]then theres the one that Proffessor.Birch has in Littleroot Town,he would of no doubt given it to another rookie trainer like Haruka,and of coarse there is Ash's Treecko,which when rounded off comes to a total of around 15.

In The Games Ruby & Sapphire: Only one at a time,if you pick Treecko then your Treecko will be the only one in the game and if you pick Mudkip your rival will pick Treecko,and his/her Treecko will be the only one in the game,so its one or the other,the only other way there would be more is if you picked Treecko and it was female,then you could start breeding,the final total would then be infinate.

Ash's Treecko: At the moment Ash and his Treecko are learning to work in harmony with each other,but once they become more n'sync with each other i beleive they will become pretty much unstopable,with Ash only having 3 pokemon as of the moment in Hoenn,this will put alot of strain and pressure on Treecko because he is effectivly having to full fill the objectives of 2 pokemon,this is abit of a bitter sweet situation for him,its bitter because it may burn him out before he has reached his full potential,but i doubt that is the situation with Treecko because he is as hard as rock [mainly because he likes to smash em']and it is sweet because this will give Treecko alot more training which could help him become a more well rounded fighter and help him to evolve,sure it will give him alot of experiance but i think he will evolve for a different reason,since hes got the weight of 2 pokemon on his shoulders he will have alot to live upto and to begin with he may fail which in the long run will be good for him,he will feel that he is a let down to Ash and that he needs to prove that he can do it,for Ash as well as himself,he is a very pridefull lil' fellow so i reakon he has what it takes to go all the way,i'm pretty sure that he will atleast evolve to Grovyle because Treecko cannot use his evolution lines signiture move Leaf Blade,or he could even make it all the way to Jukain?mainly because both Ash and Jukain have that sort of laid back look upon their faces.

Episodes In Which Treecko Appears:

"A New Land! A New Adventure!"
Not Ash's Treecko
"Treecko's Forest! Protect The Big Tree"
Ash captures his Treecko in this episode,Ash's is the one with a twig in his mouth
"Seviper vs. Treecko! Strike Of Death!"
Ash's Treecko wins his first match against Jessies freshly captured [ahem beaten up]Seviper,after learning Slam

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