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When you Pick Berries from a Tree, there not just to heal your Pokémon, but there also there to help you in Contests.� The First Contest Building you see will be in Slateport City.. You can�t enter there Right now not until you get a Normal Rank on whatever Contest you want to Enter.

The Ranks are:

Normal: Verdanturf .Town
Super:�Fallarbor Town
Hyper: Slateport City
Master: Lilycove city

You Have to do them in that Order, Example, If your Mudkip Got a Normal Cut Rank, then It will then do Super, Then Hyper then Finally Master Rank.

When you Enter the Buildings (There Big and Red) You will see two machines, One is for you to Mix a Berry with a Linked up Friend, and then threes computer Control people on the other

Here's the People who mix:

Normal: Mister
Super: Mister
Hyper: Mister & Laddie
Master: Mister, Laddie and Lassie

When you Start Blending you Pick a Berry from your Bag and you mix it.

When it is over you all get the Same Berry, what you get is what the Mixture of Berries is. These are Called �Poke blocks�

you then feed these to your Pokémon to Increase there Skills in:� Beauty, Coolness, Smart, Tough and Cute.

You talk to the Lady at the Counter and you will start in the Contest, Just select witch one you want to do and who to enter.

The First Part of the Contest, the Audience will Judge on the Pokémon Appearance, so Remember to feed your Pokémon the Pokéblocks it needs, after that the The Judge then looks at the Pokémon Moves,

This is like a Battle, but none faints�.. IF you Use Combos like Mud Sport then Water Gun You will Get a lot of �Hearts� the more Hearts you have the more the audience likes the Pokémon.

Sometimes Moves will make the Other Pokémon Nevervs, And Make them �Slip up�

After the second Part the Votes from the First Part and the Second are Counted Up, and the Winner is the One with the most,

You Get a Ribbon if you win and you can enter the Next Level Up in a Contest.

Thanks to Super Saiyan 2 Rex

Page written by Psythor.

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