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You have defeated the Pokémon League, and you have received the SS Ticket from your Dad. But, you might ask yourself, what it is the point of sailing from one place to another when you can easily fly?

There are three reasons:

Of course after visiting the Battle Tower by ferry, you can fly there. The Battle Tower is a meeting place for trainers, and allows them to participate in battles without the hassle of a gym or route. You start by talking to the woman at the front desk and registering. Then the fun begins. Off you go to the battle room.

Each session at the Battle Tower sets you against 7 other trainers. You cannot leave the arena until you have either won or lost against these 7 trainers. You can however, save in between battles. If you win then you get a prize! The record number of trainers you have defeated in a row is recorded at the front desk and on your Trainer's Card. The rules of the Battle Tower are as follows:

The prizes you can win depend on how many groups of 7 trainers you have defeated. If you defeat 50 trainers consecutively, then you will receive a Silver Shield to show off in your Secret Base. 100 consecutive trainers wins the Gold Shield. The normal list of prizes is as follows:

Prizes for Groups 1 - 5

Calcium, Carbos, HP Up, Iron, Protein, Zinc.

Prizes for Groups 6+

Bright Powder, Choice Band, Focus Band, King's Rock, Leftovers, Mental herb, Quick Claw, Scope Lens, White Herb.

The Battle Tower is like the Pokémon Stadium games. So if you were a whizz at those, then you'll love the Battle Tower, and you can use the same strategies. However, you should always keep a couple of things in mind:

Firstly, the Battle Tower rewards trainers who use well balanced teams. Cover all angles when choosing your types. Secondly, items play an important role in a Battle Tower series. Provide your Pokémon with what you think will be useful, or what you think they'll need most. Reccomended items are:

Finally, level up your Pokémon to Level 50 or Level 100, depending on which room you will be battling in. For example, all opponents in the Level 50 Battle Room will use Level 50 Pokémon! It's not about higher levels, but about true skill and well- thought out strategies. This is the hardest challenge ever in the game- even harder than the league!

Thanks to Typhlosion for this!

Page written by Psythor.

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dragontamer on Fri 08 Feb 2008 05:35:30 UTC.
You forgot to mention that, in Ruby and Sapphire, beating 50 trainers in a row gives you another Trainer Star for your card. I always get it when i defeat 50 trainers in Level 50.