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The Abandoned Ship. One of Hoenn’s top tourist attractions. Actually, when you think about the amount of keys lying around, and the odd scanner to be found, it would be logical to think that it’s not really that popular. Hmmm…

Anyway, the Abandoned Ship is found East of Dewford Town/ South West of Slateport City. To be more specific, it’s found on Route 108. You might have first seen it, whilst hitching a ride on Mr Briney’s boat. The Abandoned Ship is actually a sunken ferry, with lots of trainers and items on board. On your travels around the ship, you may find:

Captain Stern’s workers are currently on board, searching for a Scanner to help them in their explorations. They obviously don’t look very well, because the Scanner is pretty easy to find. It only takes about 5 minutes to completely search the whole ship from top to bottom. For access to everywhere on the ship, you’ll need a Pokemon that knows HM03 (Surf) and HM08 (Dive).

Anyway, when you first enter the ship, you’ll be in a square hall with four rooms in the middle. The stairs to leave the room are in the top right hand corner, and there’s also a trainer lurking about. The top two of the four rooms contain between them one item and one trainer. The bottom two are empty. When you’ve searched this floor, go down the stairs.

Now you’ve arrived in the basement. Directly below you there’s a trainer, as well as in the bottom left hand corner of the basement. There are 6 room in the basement- one to the right of the stairs (this is the Store Room), 2 to the left of the stairs and 3 below the stairs. The Store Room will be locked, so you can’t go in there just yet. Instead, visit the other rooms first. The top left room will contain a trainer, whereas the top right room contains an item. As for the bottom rooms, the far-left one is empty, and the far-right one contains a trainer. Ignore the middle room for now; we’ll come back to that. Instead, use the stairs at the top left corner of the basement.

These stairs will take you back to another part of the first floor. There’s one trainer and just 2 rooms here. The top room contains an item, and the bottom room contains a 2-on-2 trainer battle. When you’ve finished, the door is at the bottom right of the room.

The door should take you outside to the top deck. Follow the deck around and you’ll enter the office of Capt. Stern’s workers. They’ll inform you that they’re here to search for a scanner. While you’re there, pick up the Storage Key that’s on the floor.

Now retrace your steps until you’re back in the basement. Go back to the Storage Room and now you’ve got the key you can enter. Your prize is TM13 (Ice Beam), which is a really good attack to use.

Now, remember I told you to ignore that middle room in the basement? Well now go in it. You’ll find that there’s a little lake at the bottom of it. Strange. Dive down and follow the underwater path. Go through a door and eventually resurface. You’ll find yourself in a secluded area of the ship. There are 6 rooms there. 4 of which contain items.

Whenever you enter one the rooms, you’ll see a flash of light somewhere. You have to go up to this point and press A, to find a hidden Door key to the next room (Note: Some of the flashes of light are just pieces of rubbish, and are there to put you off.) It shouldn’t take long for you to find all of the door keys. Then, in the last remaining room, you should find the Scanner. Take this personally to Capt. Stern in Slateport Harbour, and he’ll thank you with either a Deepseatooth or a Deepseascale. Both can evolve Clamperl when traded holding the item; Deepseatooth evolves into Huntail, whereas Deepseascale evolves into Gorebyss.

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haha i done this already
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were i can trade clamperl
Guest on Sun 22 Feb 2015 05:32:58 UTC.
you can easily get CLAMPERL all you need is a pokemon that know the move sweet scent the go underwater and place yourself on the grassy place the use the sweet scent move..