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Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Battling: EV Training Spots | Train like a pro... or a geek...
As most of you are aware, EVs [Effort Values] play a great part in the final outcome of your pokemon's stats. A perfect EV spread can mean the difference between winning and losing, and with Diamond and Pearl introducing Wi-fi play into the mix, there's plenty more reason to train your pokemon properly.

So what are EVs? Fortunately, a couple of guides on the site have this already covered, so i'll just link to them:

Guide 1 [By Rex]
Guide 2 [By Dan Dan]

In short, EVs are hidden values "dropped" by pokemon after defeating them. By collecting these points by defeating the certain pokemon that have them [all pokemon carry EVs, they're just different depending on species], you can specifically "train" one stat to increase far quicker than the others.

Anyway, onto the main point of the guide.

EV Training Spots

Diamond and Pearl have plenty of great spots for EV training, with a lot of pokemon giving 2 EVs and even 3 in some cases. Let's have a look at some of the best places to find these pokemon...

HP EV Training

So you want to bulk your pokemon and give it the best chance at surviving that crucial hit? The HP EVs are what you need!

Shellos and Bidoof outside Valley Windworks give +1 HP EV each. Gastrodon outside the Fuego Ironworks give +2 HP EVs each Even MORE Gastrodon outside of PalPark also give +2 HP Evs each

Attack EV Training

You want your prized pokemon to rip apart the foe asap? Then Attack EVs are your destiny!

Kricketune. Yes we know it has an annoying cry, but these common dudes give out a nice +2 Attack EVs each time. Bibarel also give out 2+ Attack EVs, but are less common... HOWEVER, head over to the rainy route [Route 212] and you can find both of these pokemon here.

Defence EV Training

A rock hard defence is vital to any team, and by training for Defence EVs, you can guarentee you'll see your pokemon survive more hits.

Iron Island is the perfect Defence EV training paradise. It contains Geodude [+1], Graveler [+2], Onix [+1] and Steelix [+2], all of which drop vital Defence EVs.

Hippopotas and Geodude can be found in the cave, just off Route 214, each giving +1 Defence EV.

Special Attack EV Training

So you have your mighty special sweeper in mind, but need to pump up it's Special Attack? Then go Special Attack EV training!

Gastly in the Old Chateau inside Eterna Forest give +1 Special Attack EV each, and if you put your GBA Game in the GBA slot whilst here, you could be lucky enough to spot a Haunter [+2 SAtk] or even a Gengar [+3 SAtk].

You can also battle Golducks outside the Resort Area by Surfing, giving +2 Special Attack EVs each.

Special Defence EV Training

Taking Special hits is just as important as the Physical ones, so training in Special Defence wouldn't be a bad idea!

Tentacool [+1 SDef] and Tentacruel [+2 SDef] are your best bets, found by Surfing pretty much any Ocean or Sea area. Mantyke's can be found north of Sunyshore Town, and give +1 Special Defence EV.

Speed EV Training

Want to gain the upper hand in battle? Going first is about as important as how hard your attack hits, and can easily determine the outcome of a battle.

Raticates and Fearows Northwest of the Fight Area [+2 Speed EVs each] Zubats [+1 Speed EV]/Golbats [+2 Speed EVs] in most caves. Starly on Route 201 are great early game spots in case you want to EV train something early on, giving out +1 Speed EV each.

EV Power Items and Pokérus

EV Power Items:
These items boost the number of EVs gained per battle with a pokemon in their respective stat.

Each of these can be bought for 16 BP from the Battle Tower.

The equation to find the number of EVs gained from using a Power Item goes like this:

x + y = t

x = EV's from pokemon
y = EVs boosted from Power Items (+4)
t = Total EVs

Now with Pokerus we multiply the whole left side of the equation by 2 so...

2(x + y) = t

Now assume we have a pokemon that grants 2 points per battle...

2(2 + 4) = 12

So fighting a Kricketune with Pokérus and a Power Bracer would give you 12 Atk EVs per battle! Awesome!

Page written by Typhlosion.

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ThatNewYorkKid on Fri 30 Oct 2009 14:24:26 UTC.
anyone wanna battle?
En garde...voir on Sun 01 Nov 2009 20:24:59 UTC.
you only gain stats when you level so even if you gain all 255 evs a level 100 cannot increase it's stats
sly625 on Sat 21 Nov 2009 02:39:11 UTC.
Actually, a level 100 can gain EV stats when place inside the PC.
Spriter on Tue 09 Mar 2010 13:31:25 UTC.
Fully maxed out my scizors speed and hp on route 218.Floatzels give +2 speed and gastrodon give +2 hp.Scizor is at level 91 :>
TickTockTheCroc on Tue 08 Mar 2011 20:14:27 UTC.
well for attack I'd actually recommend machops in route 207. They are incredibly common
ElectricMenace on Mon 25 Jul 2011 22:33:45 UTC.
Wow thanks now I can finally train my pokemon decently!haha
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