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Red/Blue Sprites

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Thanks to The Doctor for help with these!

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Tags: Sprite Pokemon

on Sat 18 Aug 2007 18:42:43 UTC.
mewtwo looks like a caveman
on Sun 19 Aug 2007 20:39:45 UTC.
kingler looks like hes going to grab you
The Hitcher™ - Because You're Worth It on Mon 20 Aug 2007 15:28:51 UTC.
well, they look a bit less retarded than the green ones.
The Hitcher™ - Because You're Worth It on Mon 20 Aug 2007 15:30:12 UTC.
hang on, shouldnt koffing's skull & crossbones motif be on its belly?
The Hitcher™ - Because You're Worth It on Mon 20 Aug 2007 15:34:15 UTC.
I remember when I was playing RBY once and I found a Psyduck in the Safari Zone and it looked like it had a hole in the middle of it! Wild DONUT appeared!
on Mon 20 Aug 2007 19:35:16 UTC.
they scare me so much!
on Wed 22 Aug 2007 17:31:55 UTC.
mewtwo's saying "uga"
on Wed 22 Aug 2007 17:34:48 UTC.
omastar is dancing
IcklePinkChihuahua on Wed 22 Aug 2007 21:26:56 UTC.
I'm not goingt o write a whole list of humorous thoughts about the pokemon sprites. But does anyone thing that Venemoth sprite is an early development of Shedinja? Oh, and Dratini looks like a worm
piplup princess on Thu 23 Aug 2007 00:49:18 UTC.
they look better than green. oh, wait all the other versions look better.
on Wed 29 Aug 2007 20:46:47 UTC.
onix is gonna whip you
on Wed 29 Aug 2007 20:49:02 UTC.
yeah. venomoth does look like an early develop of shedinja.
Agatha on Tue 04 Sep 2007 07:08:08 UTC.
I find Seadra, Gyarados, Charizard, Dragonite and Lapras to be quite attractive
on Sun 09 Sep 2007 21:44:56 UTC.
golbat is so ugly im crying
Salagross on Thu 13 Sep 2007 14:27:45 UTC.
man. cant believe this is wat i took for normal back in the day. most of those sprites r just plain ugly. they look nothing like pokemon.
Salagross on Thu 13 Sep 2007 14:35:50 UTC.
mr. mime looks like a sumo wrestler geodude looks like he just took out his hair curlers.
on Thu 13 Sep 2007 22:05:50 UTC.
pinster shouldnt have doll eyes.
on Wed 26 Sep 2007 03:35:34 UTC.
well, now that i look at them, there not all that bad....
Lipucd on Thu 18 Oct 2007 09:06:01 UTC.
its defently an improvment from JP Green...But mewtwo got a bit more...odd...He lood cool back in green but now...>_
FlyingCar on Mon 12 Nov 2007 16:23:55 UTC.
Is it just me, or is geodude telling me to get outta here? @_@
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