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HeartGold and SoulSilver Battle: Gyms | Gotta pump it up

Ah, the good old days. Gold was always my favourite game you know. 16 Gyms to fight through, as apposed to the usual 8. Here we shall have a sneaky peek at them.

Johto: Falkner | Bugsy | Whitney | Morty | Chuck | Jasmine | Pryce | Clair
Kanto: Lt. Surge | Sabrina | Erika | Misty | Janine | Brock | Blaine | Blue


#1 - Falkner

Location: Violet City
Badge: Zephyr Badge
TM: TM51


Pidgey, Lv 9

Pidgeotto, Lv 13

Falkner's gym is right out of... well, Sinnoh actually. A big lift to the roof of the gym, where all battles take place, presumably with invisible safety nets. Both trainers in the gym can be avoided easily. You no longer look a complete n00b after this. Just partly one.

#2 - Bugsy

Location: Azalea Town
Badge: Hive Badge
TM: TM89


Metapod, Lv 15

Kakuna, Lv 15

Scyther, Lv 17

Any Harry Potter fans reading this? It's a little known fact that Bugsy himself is a big Potter fanatic, which explains why his gym is a small tribute to Gringotts Bank. You now have to find the right cart and ride it to Bugsy - the wrong carts will lead you to other trainer battles. Completion of the gym will ensure traded Pokémon up to Level 30 will obey you in battle.

#3 - Whitney

Location: Goldenrod City
Badge: Plain Badge
TM: TM45


Clefairy, Lv 17

Miltank, Lv 19

What should we have first? The good news or the bad news? The good news is that Whitney's gym - although now a maze on a raised platform - DOES still have the outline of a Clefairy! The bad news? She's still got that horrible, horrible rolling thing in her party. It's one level less experienced that it was in the original games though.

#4 - Morty

Location: Ecruteak City
Badge: Fog Badge
TM: TM30


Gastly, Lv 21

Haunter, Lv 21

Haunter, Lv 23

Gengar, Lv 25

Remember Morty's invisible path from GSC? It's still there. Unfortunately, engineering works within the Ecruteak City gym ensure you're almost in pitch darkness this time as well. Ah, what fun. Completion of the gym will ensure traded Pokémon up to Level 50 will obey you in battle.

#5 - Chuck

Location: Cianwood City
Badge: Storm Badge
TM: TM01


Primeape, Lv 29

Poliwrath, Lv 31

Chuck: the gym leader who has never heard of clothes. Chuck is actually right at the front of the gym this time - there just happens to be a waterfall crashing down in front of him. You have to navigate the cliff-like gym to find the valves which turn the water supply off, ensuring you can then get to Chuck to battle him.

#6 - Jasmine

Location: Olivine City
Badge: Mineral Badge
TM: TM23


Magnemite, Lv 30

Magnemite, Lv 30

Steelix, Lv 35

Remember how Jasmine's gym was always plain and boring? Well guess what! It still is!

#7 - Pryce

Location: Mahogany Town
Badge: Glacier Badge
TM: TM07


Seel, Lv 30

Dewgong, Lv 32

Piloswine, Lv 34

Rather than one annoying ice puzzle, there are now several smaller but somehow more annoying ice based puzzles required to get your head around in order to battle Pryce. That's a lot of sliding to do. Assuming he hasn't died of old age by the time you find him.

#8 - Clair

Location: Blackthorn City
Badge: Rising Badge
TM: TM59


Dragonair, Lv 38

Dragonair, Lv 38

Gyarados, Lv 38

Kingdra, Lv 41

I've never quite understood why Clair deemed it sensible to set up a Dragon gym in a city next to a cave made of ice, but obviously she knows something I don't. As in the original games, you will only earn the Rising Badge after navigating the Dragon's Den following success in this battle. Simply endure Duncan Bannatyne and Theo Thingy shouting "I'M OUT" at you for five minutes straight and the Badge will be yours. Not only does it mean every single Pokémon you'll find in the game will obey you, but it also grants you entry to the Pokémon League.


#9 - Lt. Surge

Location: Vermillion City
Badge: Thunder Badge
TM: TM34

Lt. Surge

Electrode, Lv 47

Electrode, Lv 47

Magneton, Lv 47

Raichu, Lv 51

Electabuzz, Lv 53

The usual offering from the Vermilion City Gym. Many bins containing switches which are needed to turn the forcefields off.

#10 - Sabrina

Location: Saffron City
Badge: Marsh Badge
TM: TM48


Espeon, Lv 53

Mr. Mime, Lv 53

Alakazam, Lv 55

Again, the usual offering from the Saffron City Gym as well. Those famous warp panels. If all else fails, just keep travelling vertically.

#11 - Erika

Location: Celadon City
Badge: Rainbow Badge
TM: TM19


Jumpluff, Lv 51

Tangela, Lv 52

Victreebell, Lv 56

Bellossom, Lv 56

A pretty maze of flowers. Unfortunate if, like me, you have hayfever.

#12 - Misty

Location: Cerulean City
Badge: Cascade Badge
TM: TM03


Golduck, Lv 49

Quagsire, Lv 49

Lapras, Lv 52

Starmie, Lv 54

You still have to go and bully Misty off her date on Route 25, but eventually she'll return to the Gym. Her Gym is now completely flooded and with no path, you have to Surf across, battling trainers along the way. Well, either that or walk around the edge.

#13 - Janine

Location: Fuchsia City
Badge: Soul Badge
TM: TM84


Weezing, Lv 44

Crobat, Lv 47

Ariados, Lv 47

Ariados, Lv 47

Venomoth, Lv 50

Janine has replaced her father, Koga, but the infamous invisible walls still remain. As does the old disguise trick - all the trainers in the gym are dressed up to look like Janine. Try the middle. I think.

#14 - Brock

Location: Pewter City
Badge: Boulder Badge
TM: TM80


Graveler, Lv 51

Rhyhorn, Lv 51

Kabutops, Lv 52

Omastar, Lv 53

Onix, Lv 54

Brock's is the Kanto version of the Violet City gym. No puzzles, and two trainers who you can easily get past should you so desire. Unless you're female. In which case you won't be allowed to leave. Ever. Mwuhahaha.

#15 - Blaine

Location: Seafoam Island
Badge: Volcano Badge
TM: TM50


Magmar, Lv 54

Magcargo, Lv 54

Rapidash, Lv 59

Poor Blaine. Not only has the volcano eruption at Cinnabar Island forced him out of his usual home, but he's also been visited by Trinny and Susannah, meaning he nows looks like a hybrid between posh and tramp. His new gym has changed dramatically however - now a maze built by rocks, in which you have to battle trainers to move them out of the way. Or, if you're stupid, move them back IN your way. Aha, how clever.

#16 - Blue

Location: Viridian City
Type: ... I don't think even Green knows to be honest.
Badge: Earth Badge
TM: TM92


Gyarados, Lv 52

Exeggutor, Lv 55

Machamp, Lv 56

Arcanine, Lv 58

Rhydon, Lv 58

Pidgeot, Lv 60

While, within reason, you can visit the previous 7 gyms of Kanto in any order, the Viridian City Gym doors stay firmly locked until you have all previous 15 badges. Then Gary Oak will unleash his team upon you to wreak havoc upon the world! Well, actually, you'll probably win comfortably. But the spinny tiles are still on the floor of this gym, which are fun.

Page written by Typhlosion.

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Mikeysimon67 on Fri 01 Jan 2010 18:23:16 UTC.
Bugsy and Harry Potter? NO WAI MAN
Luna874 on Tue 26 Jan 2010 17:11:42 UTC.
OMG!, what happened to misty?
she looks a lot better then in fire red
Darkwing on Mon 22 Feb 2010 19:09:53 UTC.
OK so I need a flying and an electric type for the first two gyms... Might want to level up a good fighting type as well.
empolionblue on Fri 26 Mar 2010 07:15:23 UTC.
I honestly DONT remember green. Is that even his real name!
Glaceon101 on Fri 02 Apr 2010 17:26:29 UTC.
in a book i have greens name is blue this is weird...o_O
Glaceon101 on Fri 02 Apr 2010 17:27:39 UTC.
is bugsy a girl cuz he sorta looks like one
Ho-Oh Legend on Mon 05 Apr 2010 19:44:27 UTC.
Can you have a page about the Elite four please!
Mr. I on Wed 30 Jun 2010 14:34:24 UTC.
Sabrina looks.....oddly normal compared to her other battle sprites.
IvanWolf♥ on Fri 31 Dec 2010 21:44:19 UTC.
Ehehe the spinny TILES!!! EEEHEEEEEE! Im dIzZy....O-O
darklugia1997 on Thu 27 Jun 2013 10:16:55 UTC.
didn't even need to level up just traided my lv 30 40 50 60 and 70 legends from my pokemon platinum those gym leaders must have been bowing down in their heads when i brung out my arceus
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