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Hello one and all! Welcome to your one-stop quick guide to the Unova region! We're going to cover the region in the order you might probably reach them geographically, so pay attention!

Nuvema Town

Nuvema Town is the starting town in Unova, housing your character and is where the adventure begins!

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P2 Laboratory

P2 Laboratory is a Laboratory occupied by only two people. Not accessible until later in the game due to the need to Surf your way here, the Laboratory is dedicated into researching the mysterious Pokémon Genesect.

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Accumula Town

Accumula Town is the first town you will reach after starting out on your Pokémon journey. As such this will be your first encounter with a Pokémon Center and PokéMart. They're now in the same building!

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Striaton City

Striaton City is the stereotypical first city you reach in your Pokémon journey. There is a Pokémon school to teach you more about battling, as well as a number of houses full of people to talk to.

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The Dreamyard lies just to the East of Striaton City. Rumour has it that the Pokémon who live here are able to control dreams. The area also has a basement which is only accessible after you defeat the Pokémon League.

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Wellspring Cave

Wellspring Cave is a small cave located on Route 3 (Unova). Many of the rivers located around Unova originate here. You find a little girl nearby who is upset after Team Plasma steal her Pokémon, and chase them into here.

Nacrene City

Nacrene City used to be an old mining city. A disused train track still runs through the city and many old warehouses have been converted into houses. An ancient museum is located here.

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Pinwheel Forest

Pinwheel Forest is an ancient forest. While an industrialised section has appeared at the East of the forest with a tarmacced road allowing you easy access through, large areas of the forest remain thick and overgrown. Plenty of Bug-type Pokémon have made their home here.

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Skyarrow Bridge

Skyarrow Bridge is the famous landmark of Unova, connecting the eastern penninsula with the mainland. It starts off in a spiral formation and eventually straightens out to carry you across to Castelia City. Many spectacular views can be seen on your crossing.

Castelia City

Castelia City is not just the largest city in Unova, but the largest city in any Pokémon region known to date! It is an extremely busy port city with three seperate piers and the sky is filled with skyscrapers and many different important buildings. Even Gamefreak have an office here! A 3D camera view awaits you here, making it extremely easy to get lost!

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Liberty Island

Liberty Island is a small island located in the South-West of Unova. It is home to the famous Liberty Garden Tower, although is now largely deserted ever since Team Plasma swamped the island. Apparently they heard rumours of a Legendary Pokémon living here?

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Desert Resort

The Desert Resort is a large, isolated desert located in the middle of Unova. Certain types of Pokémon have made their homes inside the areas of deep sand blowing around this route.

Relic Castle

The Relic Castle is the ruin of an ancient castle found next to the Desert Resort. Statues of a Pokémon that resembles Darmanitan are found near the entrance, rumoured to be guarding something found inside. Sand has slowly filled up the area creating areas of quicksand which will suck any travellers down if they try to cross them too quickly. Team Plasma set up camp here upon hearing rumours of a mysterious Dark Stone and Light Stone hidden deep inside here. Legend has it a very powerful Pokémon lies within its deepest and darkest maze.

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Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City is the Las Vegas of the Pokémon world - a big, bright city which never sleeps, it is adjacent to a popular funfair. The Subway is located here, although nowadays it is mostly used for battling.

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Driftveil Draw Bridge

Driftveil Draw Bridge is a large bridge connecting the Unova main land with the Western penninsula. When you arrive it has been raised however, meaning further travel is impossible. Unless you can find somebody to lower it...

Driftveil City

Driftveil City was once the major shipping and storage area in Unova for various cargo which was transported around the Pokémon World. However under local resident Clay it has slowly been transformed into a bustling city. A popular local market is held here.

Important Things:

Cold Storage

The Cold Storage are a collection of Giant Freezers, and were once used as storage containers for the many pieces of cargo shipped out from nearby Driftveil City. However since the cargo trade dried up they have been sealed off and abandoned. Sounds like a perfect hiding place for Team Plasma...

Mistralton Cave

Mistralton Cave is a small but mysterious, dark cave located on Route 6 (Unova). Strange noises are sometimes heard coming from deep within the cave...

Important Things:

Chargestone Cave

Thanks to Team Plasma, Chargestone Cave has been inaccessible for quite a while, but Clay opens it for you as soon as you arrive. The cave famously has unique electromagnetic properties, causing some rocks to float around in the air and be magnetized to other rocks.

Important Things:

Mistralton City

Mistralton City was once twinned with Driftveil City in being key to the cargo industry of Unova. It houses what was once a vital airport but has since become largely inactivate. Due to the positioning of the city on the hillside, snowfall can seriously affect access here during winter.

Important Things:

Celestial Tower

On Route 7 (Unova) lies Celestial Tower, a tower where trainers go to bury and pay their respects to Pokémon who have passed away. Passing trainers are known to climb the five floors to the top in order to ring the bell there as a mark of respect.

Twist Mountain

Twist Mountain is a giant, twisting mountain which towers over Unova. It becomes largely inaccessible in Winter due to massive snowfall in the area. The area is currently undergoing building work, as evidenced by the number of construction vehicles which little the landscape, in the hope of making it easier for travellers to pass through the area. Until the work is finished, travellers will just have to try and find their way through the mountains mazes...

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Icirrus City

Icirrus City is a small city built on a small group of hills above a swamped-area inhabited by many Pokémon. Various windmills are located to the south of the City and it can be affected by snowfall during the Winter.

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Dragonspiral Tower

According to legend, the Dragonspiral Tower was sealed closed thousands of years ago to contain Reshiram and Zekrom. At some point recently its seals were broken and Team Plasma found a way in...

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Anville Town

Anville Town is a remote town located in the North-West of Unova, surrounded by dense undergrowth which makes it impossible to reach on foot. Only by taking the Brown Underground Line on the Subway in Nimbasa City is it possible to reach this town. Tourists have been known to flock here to view the collection of old subway trains.

Moor of Icirrus

The Moor of Icirrus is a swampy area located beneath Icirrus City. During the Winter the swamps have been known to freeze over, driving away the groups of Pokémon which normally live there.

Important Things:

Tubeline Bridge

Tubeline Bridge linked the Western penninsula of Unova with the mainline. It is built over one of the Subway lines.

Challenger's Cave

Challenger's Cave is a cave on Route 9 (Unova) where only the very best trainers in Unova go to train. Extremely strong wild Pokémon can be found inside, and as such only Pokémon who have proven themselves shall be allowed in. In your case, that means defeating the Pokémon League.

Opelucid City

In Black Version, Opelucid City is a technological city, advanced ahead of its time and covered in bright neon lights and flashing colours. In White Version it is an old-fashioned town which refuses to adapt to a modern day technological lifestyle...

Important Things:

Victory Road (Unova)

Victory Road (Unova) is the final test for trainers looking to reach and challenge the Pokémon League. It is a gigantic cave built on a steep cliffside, and trainers will need to successfully navigate a variety of different levels in order to find their way out. Lost trainers have reported hearing mysterious sounds coming from deep within the basement...

Important Things:

Pokemon League

An ancient temple lies on top of the tallest mountain in Unova, and it is here that the Pokemon League lie in wait of challenges from only the strongest trainers in Unova.

Entralink Forest

Entralink Forest is where Pokémon may appear that you once encountered in the Dream World.

Important Things:

Lostlorn Forest

Lostlorn Forest is a small forest area located on Route 16 (Unova). It is abandoned, except for an old caravan located at the back of the forest. A strange old woman lives in this caravan, and although she has never been known to talk, strange noises are heard coming from the forest late at night...

Important Things:

Marvelous Bridge

Marvelous Bridge connects the Unova mainland with the Eastern penninsula. Legend states that a young girl once played happily in this area before she passed away, and that her ghost continues to play on the bridge whenever it gets bored.

Black City and White Forest

Black City is exclusive to Black Version and is a massive, dark and imposing city. It's population is said to change very rapidly and suddenly. White Forest is exclusive to White Version and is a massive, open forest area complete with its own lake. It's population is said to change very rapidly and suddenly, as are the wild Pokémon which can be found there.

Abundant Shrine

The Abundant Shrine is a small clearing located to the North of Route 14 (Unova). Local people believe that worshipping to the shrine built there to the God of Fertility will cause their crops to grow healthy and strong.

Important Things:

Undella Town

Undella Town is a seaside resort very popular with tourists in the Summer months, but rather quiet at all other times of the year. There is a villa out to the West of the town, home to a very wealthy and obsessive collector of old artefacts.

Important Things:

Undella Bay

Undella Bay is the bay located to the East of Undella Town. Popular with tourists who go there annually to see the migration of certain Pokémon. Legend has it that castles and temples once stood here before they sunk into the sea.

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Village Bridge

Village Bridge is a bridge connecting the mainland of Unova to the East penninsula. A small village has arisen around the bridge in recent times, which is said to house a lot of rare Pokémon in its shadows.

Lacunosa Town

Lacunosa Town is a small town located in the North-East of Unova. An old legend states that when a meteor crashed nearby it brought a terrifying monster with it which took away both people and Pokémon, and still lives in the nearby forest. Because of this the city is protected by high walls and nobody can be found outside after 9pm.

Giant Chasm

The Giant Chasm is a chasm which was created thousands of years ago when a giant meteor crashed into Unova. The meteor was said to contain a monster which ate both people and Pokémon, and as such the area is largely abandoned. Noises can be heard coming from deep inside the chasm at night...

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