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The world of Unova is three years older since we last visited and plenty of changes have occurred in that time. Let's see what's happened to the Gyms, shall we!

Gym #1
Type: Leader: Cheren Location: Aspertia City
Badge: Basic Badge Effects: Pokémon up to Level 20 obey.Reward: TM83
For the first time ever you'll find a Gym almost literally right on your doorstep. Your starting point, Aspertia City, has it's very own Gym and the leader is a very familar face. You can't face Cheren immediately, but after visiting the nearby Sangi Town you can return and battle Cheren. The Gym resembles a school playground.

Gym Leader Cheren


Lv. 11Lv. 13

Gym #2
Type: Leader: Roxie Location: Virbank City
Badge: Toxic Badge Effects: Pokémon up to Level 30 obey.Reward: TM09
The dreary portal city of Virbank seems quiet enough when you arrive. The Gym is also very well hidden. Head to the South-East of the City and you'll find the Gym is actually a underground club with live rock music! You'll hear some Koffing-based music while you're down there, simply defeat the two band members before taking on Roxie.

Gym Leader Roxie


Lv. 16Lv. 18

Gym #3
Type: Leader: Burgh Location: Castelia City
Badge: Insect Badge Effects: Pokémon up to Level 40 obey.Reward: TM76
Burgh won't be in his Gym when you arrive in the huge Castelia City. Instead follow Iris into the Castelia Sewers (nice) and help your rival defeat Team Plasma. Burgh will then return to his Gym which is filled with buggy silk which sucks you up and onto different levels. I cringed a little.

Gym Leader Burgh



/ / /
Lv. 22Lv. 22Lv. 24

Gym #4
Type: Leader: Elesa Location: Nimbasa City
Badge: Bolt Badge Effects: Pokémon up to Level 50 obey.Reward: TM72
The Nimbasa Gym has changed location since the days of Black and White - about 20 steps to the right hand side of where it used to be located, still within the boundaries of the funfair. You'll find the entrance to the Gym blocked at first. Instead you have to battle your way through the old Gym first - still with fully functioning rollercoasters. Woo yay. The new Gym is now a catwalk hosting its very own fashion show. The path is linear - just defeat three trainers along the way to battling Elesa.

Gym Leader Elesa



Lv. 28Lv. 28Lv. 30

Gym #5
Type: Leader: Clay Location: Driftveil City
Badge: Quake Badge Effects: Pokémon up to Level 60 obey.Reward: TM78
The Driftveil Gym is still set deep underground but due to economic constraints and cut backs, lighting is no longer properly provided. You move from platform to platform without being able to see anything inbetween. As you pass through a platform it will light up and occasionally you will come across lifts, which will give you a birds-eye view of your path to help you plot your route. Clay is located near the top-right corner.

Gym Leader Clay



/ /
Lv. 31Lv. 31Lv. 33

Gym #6
Type: Leader: Skyla Location: Mistralton City
Badge: Jet Badge Effects: Pokémon up to Level 70 obey.Reward: TM62
The Mistralton Gym has had a complete overhaul as well. Massive industrial strength fans have been fitted to the back of the Gym and when they blow at full speed you'll find yourself knocked off your feet and forced backwards. It's all about timing - running into the wind when it's weak enough to let you do so and then hiding in the various safe areas dotted around the Gym which shield you from the strongest winds. Skyla awaits you at the very top of the Gym.

Gym Leader Skyla



/ / /
Lv. 37Lv. 37Lv. 39

Gym #7
Type: Leader: Drayden Location: Opelucid City
Badge: Legend Badge Effects: Pokémon up to Level 80 obey.Reward: TM82
In my opinion the Opelucid Gym (now the 7th Gym as apposed to the 8th) is easier than in Black and White. When you enter you climb onto the back of a mechnical dragon which you can maneuver around by stepping on different directional buttons. Simply aim upwards and then by moving left or right you will come across a trainer to battle. Defeating a trainer (or both of course) allows you to take the dragon higher again until eventually you reach Drayden, who has now taken over solitary control of the Gym (there's a reason for that, as you'll find out very soon now...)

Gym Leader Drayden



Lv. 46Lv. 46Lv. 48

Gym #8
Type: Leader: Marlon Location: Humilau City
Badge: Wave Badge Effects: All Pokémon obey.Reward: TM55
For the final Gym challenge we travel to the new Humilau City, home of Marlon and his Water-type Gym. It's as peaceful a final gym as you are ever going to get, and fairly simplistic to get around as well. The gym is naturally covered in water and involves travelling around on lilypads to navigate. The lilypads will move in the direction upon which you step onto them, meaning some backtracking is needed to use certain lilypads more than once. It doesn't take long to reach Marlon, located at the very top of the gym.

Gym Leader Marlon



/ /
Lv. 49Lv. 49Lv. 51

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