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Black 2 and White 2 Battling: Team Plasma | Worst reformation of a group since the Spice Girls

Team Plasma are back! And now there's two of them, following their defeat in Black and White they split into two factions. Keeps things interesting huh?

Floccesy Ranch Encounter

Your first interaction with Team Plasma (Dressed differently from their previous role, now sporting black clothes, will be at Floccesy Ranch, while searching for a Herdier. You'll find it with a Team Plasma Grunt, who'll bribe you with a TM21 Frustration not to tell on him when you return the Pokemon.

Virbank City Battle

You'll meet some Plasma Grunts in Virbank City, who will what Plasma is up to now after their defeat in the first set of games, then battle you. Once you beat them, you'll move onto route 20 to fight more of the grunts before they finally escape again.

Castelia Sewers and Colress

You'll be asked to go into the Sewers to deal with Team Plasma, once again you'll fight several grunts, but this time with a team up from your rival. After, you'll meet the mysterious Colress who will leave after remarking what an interesting battle you had.

Route 4 Blockage and Colress Battle

When you arrive at Route that leads to Nimbasa City you'll find it's blocked by a wall of Crustle. After your third badge, Colress will appear, remove them from the path and challenge you to a battle. He'll tell you that he disagrees with the Old Team Plasma goal of dividing Pokemon and People and he's interested in Pokemon's Strength


Level 21 Level 23

Upon winning he'll give you a Protein, a strength rising item because he loves strength and all that.

Nimbasa Battle

After beating the Gym Leader at Nimbasa Gym, you'll encounter Team Plasma again arguing with your rival. Apparently they stole his Purrloin, which he was going to give to his sister. They'll battle you again.

Colress At the PWT

Entering the Driftveil Tournament, in the Pokemon World Tournament when you reach it for the first time, Colress will actually the the final opponent for you to fight for a grand prize of 1BP. Have fun.



Level 25 Level 25 Level 25

Old Team Plasma and Rood

In Driftviel city you'll spot a member of two different factions of Team Plasma arguing over their ideals. Old Team Plasma dressed as they were in BW. One of these sages still in Old Team Plasma, Rood, will challenge you and upon beating him he will give you a Zorua which was onced owned by N. It has his IDs and gets more experience points!


Level 27 Level 27

Plasma Frigate and Zinzolin

After going to the Pokemon World Tournament, you, Cheren and your rival will chase a Plasma Grunt to their flying ship, the Plasma Frigate. You'll have to fend of the grunts before another Sage, Zinzolin who's aligned with the new Team Plasma. He will talk about their plan to use the Legendary Dragon Pokemon to take over Unova and then will call upon the Shadow Triad to take you of the ship.

Lacunosa Town Battle

On route to Opelucid City, you'll go through Lacunosa Town. Zinzolin will be there with a grunt, and your rival shows up as well. You will team up with your rival and battle them in a double battle.




Level 42 Level 44 Level 39 Level 39

Frozen Opelucid City

After you obtain your seventh badge in Opelucid City, the Plasma Frigate will appear and start freezing the city. Make your way through it battling grunts and you'll fight Zinzolin again.



Level 46 Level 46 Level 48

Upon winning, Drayden will give you the DNA Link, but the Shadow Triad mange to snatch it away from you. Chase them and you'll have a battle with one.



Level 46 Level 46 Level 48

Frigate again

After defeating Marlon in Humilau City he'll help you with Team Plasma who have been spotted docked at the coast. He'll active the bridge to the Frigate, however before you get there you will be blocked by Crustles once again in Seaside Cave. Simply go to Route 21, and Colress will give you his handy machine. Once you've past the cave, it's time to take on Team Plasma again!
Go through the Frigate. Depending on what game you're playing it'll be a different puzzle. For Black 2 it's a Warp Puzzle, while in White 2 you have to collect a password by defeating Plasma Grunts soon you'll come across a room and discover Kyurem is being used to power the ship. Zinzolin and a grunt will battle you.






Level 48 Level 48 Level 50 Level 45 Level 45 Level 45

The Shadow Triad will take you off the ship again, not before the rival learns that the Liepard used in the battle was actually the Purrloin he wanted to give to his sister..

Frigate and Giant Chasm

Responding to a sighting of Team Plasma in the Giant Chasm, you'll fight some battles and see Rood and Old Team Plasma members debating with New Team Plasma members. You'll enter the Frigate again at a different floor and a different puzzle, depending on what game it is. Players of Black 2 will have to gain the puzzle and players of White 2 will have to do the Warp tile puzzle.
Again you'll come across Kyurem again, but this time you'll be able to move and will find Colress at the helm. He'll challenge you to a battle.





Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 52

After your victory he gives you access to the boss' room, who happens to be Ghetsis. He'll reveal his big bad plan of uh, freezing everything and stealing the Pokemon. Yeah. He'll leave the Shadow Triad to battle you and leaves.



Level 49 Level 49 Level 51



Level 49 Level 49 Level 51



Level 49 Level 49 Level 51

Ghetsis and Kyurem

When you reach Ghethsis he'll be controling Kyruem with his strange stick-device. Before he can finish his sinister plan N will appeare to save the day! Along with his Reshiram(White 2) or Zekrom (Black 2.) He'll be like "No way you can't do this." and Ghetsis will be like "Way" and fuse N's Pokemon with Kyurem forming White or Black Kyurem which you'll have to battle.

Black 2 White 2

You can't capture it right now, due to Ghetsis' stick, our Legendary Page will have more details about when you can.

N will convince the Pokemon to split again and Ghetsis will be just a bit more than annoyed and battle you.






Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 52

After his defeat, Ghetsis will escape again. Old Team Plasma will take the Frigate whilst New Team Plasma will be disbanded. The Frigate can be found at the P2 Lab and Colress is available to battle there daily, giving you a Master Ball for the first time you win a rematch. More info in our Special Trainer page.

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Ela358102 on Sun 28 Oct 2012 04:44:45 UTC.
The shadow traid also appears in Icirrus city after you beat Ghetsis. There's three of them, but you can stop fighting them (they ask you if you want to battle, after you beat the first guy). to find them fly to Icirrus city PC, move 1 step down, then walk acrossed both briges and Keep going. After beating them you can get the item behind them.
Ela358102 on Sun 28 Oct 2012 04:45:56 UTC.
This i only know for Pokemon Black 2.