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Well! Looks like Nintendo finally released Genesect, and you, ran off to download it. Well now what? You have the awesome looking metal bug, what do you do with it now?

Like most event-exclusive Pokemon these days, Genesect has a gimmick. He's revolves around his unique move, Techno Blast. This is a 'starting' move of it, your Genesect may be a higher enough level to forget it, but the move tutor who allows your Pokemon to remember moves will help.

Techno Blast is special that it changes types depending what Drive Genesect is holding, as well as changes his appearance slightly, there are four drives.

Normal Form Electric FormFire FormIce FormWater Form

Held Item:

Held Item:
Shock Drive

Held Item:
Burn Drive

Held Item:
Chill Drive

Held Item:
Douse Drive

So how do you get these drives? First you have to bring Genesect and to go to the P2 Laboratory by surfing on the west river on Route 1 (Unova). When you reach the P2 Lab, if you have Genesect in your party, the scientist will react with shock and tell you how Genesect was a Pokemon bought back by a fossil and modifed by Team Plasma. But N disliked this plan and stopped it. He'll battle you.


Level 34 Level 34

At this point of the game he shouldn't give you any trouble.

After defeating him, he'll give you the drives-- however, he'll give you two, and what type dependent on what game you're playing.

Drive Games
Burn DriveBlack/Black 2
Shock DriveBlack/Black 2
Douse DriveWhite/White 2
Chill DriveWhite/White 2

You'll have to trade the others from other Pokemon players.

How worth is Techno Blast on Genesect? Genesect can learn a wide range of moves. Whilst the novelty of having a move that can change type is cool, Genesect already has access to arguably better moves of the type. For Electric attacks he has access to Thunderbolt or Thunder or even Charge Beam. For Ice attacks he has Blizzard or Ice Beam for Fire attacks he can learn Flamethrower. With only 85 base damage, Techno Blaster doesn't quite live up to Flamethrower, Ice Beam or Thunderbolt.
However, Genesect is unable to learn a good water-type move otherwise, and this may be where a Douse Drive would be useful. Bare in mind, Genesect will have to hold a Drive, and cannot hold any items such as a Life Orb or Choice Specs.

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Guest on Sat 06 Dec 2014 16:21:10 UTC.
When do i get get Genesect?
MegaTrainer225 on Thu 08 Jan 2015 18:30:23 UTC.
you go back in time