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Black 2 and White 2 Join Avenue: Join Avenue - Fitness | Take your vitamin pills and drink your protein shakes!

The Fitness!
If I were to make my dream come true on this avenue...
I would want to train people's Pokémon and make them strong.

The Fitness is the second shop we'll cover here at, possibly because it's the one shop we want to get over and done with. Fitness?! The shop sells items to help with the gain of your Pokémon's EVs, along with the gain in it's levels. These items are definitely worth the effort you'll have to put in to get them if you're a competitive player, as they will reduce the time it will take to train your Pokémon up by quite some distance.

The Fitness!
BlackPriceRankWhitePriceRankBlack 2PriceRankWhite 2Price
Training Lv.1[p]150001Training Lv.1[p]150001Training Lv.1[p]150001Training Lv.1[p]15000
Defence Lv.4[p]6000Sp. Def Lv.4[p]6000Sp. Atk Lv.4[p]6000HP Lv.4[p]6000
Sp. Atk Lv.4[p]6000Speed Lv.4[p]6000Sp. Def Lv.4[p]6000Attack Lv.4[p]6000
Attack Lv.8[p]120002Sp. Atk Lv.8[p]120002Defence Lv.8[p]120002Speed Lv.8[p]12000
HP Lv.8[p]120003Defence Lv.8[p]120003Attack Lv.8[p]120003Sp. Def Lv.8[p]12000
Training Lv.2[p]300004Training Lv.2[p]300004Training Lv.2[p]300004Training Lv.2[p]30000
Sp. Def Lv.16[p]26000HP Lv.16[p]26000HP Lv.16[p]26000Defence Lv.16[p]26000
Speed Lv.16[p]26000Attack Lv.16[p]26000Speed Lv.16[p]26000Sp. Atk Lv.16[p]26000
Sp. Atk Lv.24[p]360005Speed Lv.24[p]360005Sp. Def Lv.24[p]360005Attack Lv.24[p]36000
Defence Lv.24[p]360006Sp. Def Lv.24[p]360006Sp. Atk Lv.24[p]360006HP Lv.24[p]36000
Defence Lv.32[p]480007Sp. Def Lv.24[p]480007Sp. Atk Lv.32[p]480007HP Lv.32[p]48000
Training Lv.3[p]450008Training Lv.3[p]450008Training Lv.3[p]450008Training Lv.3[p]45000
HP Lv.32[p]48000Defence Lv.32[p]48000Attack Lv.32[p]48000Sp. Def Lv.32[p]48000
Speed Lv.64[p]960009Attack Lv.64[p]960009Speed Lv.64[p]960009Sp. Atk Lv.64[p]96000
Training Lv.4[p]6000010Training Lv.4[p]6000010Training Lv.4[p]6000010Training Lv.4[p]60000
HP Lv.64[p]96000Defence Lv.64[p]96000Attack Lv.64[p]96000Sp. Def Lv.64[p]96000

For a description of what each item does, please visit our Item Glossary page!

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